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Microsoft Azure certifications

AZ 104 is the exam you need to attempt to get yourself certified as a Microsoft Azure administrator. The exam will take around 3 hours and includes five different concepts around which the candidate has to answer the questions. This is an administrator’s role exam; it requires the candidate to have a firm grip on implementing, managing, and monitoring the Microsoft Azure environment for an organization.

This Microsoft certification prepares candidates to join any organization and helps them manage their cloud environment efficiently and adequately. More briefly, the job roles for Microsoft Azure administrator certification include 

  • Implementing and managing the identity
  • Governing the storage, computing the virtual networks in a cloud environment  
  • Managing the cloud resources as and when required.

Candidates with the correct knowledge and hands-on experience with all the concepts included in the AZ 104 can crack the exam comfortably. Still, the key is to go the right way and learn all the domains precisely by doing all the relevant projects. The complete step-wise guide to properly prepare for this Microsoft cloud certification is shared in this article, following which one can ace the study and the exam phase of this Microsoft Azure certification.


Before diving into the intricacies of the study program, it is essential to understand the prior knowledge required to go for this exam. And it is compulsory to get a stronghold of all the Microsoft Azure concepts, services, governance, and management before attempting the Microsoft Azure administrator certificate.

It is suggested that the candidate should have a thorough understanding of the concepts included in the AZ 900 program beforehand. But it is not officially compulsory to hold the AZ 900 certificate; it’s recommended because it makes the administrator-level concepts easier to grasp. A list of the initial concepts one must have the grab of it as follows:

  • Core Azure concepts
  • Core Azure services
  • Core solutions and management tools on Azure
  • General security and network security features
  • Identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features
  • Azure cost management and service level agreements

The 5 domains of AZ 104

SR. NO.Description Percentage expected in exam
1.Manage Azure identities and governance15 – 20 %
2.Implement and manage storage15 – 20 %
3.Deploy and manage Azure compute resources20 – 25 %
4.Configure and manage virtual networking25 – 30 %
5.Monitor and backup Azure resources10 – 15 %

Study guide

Now that we’ve gone over the pre-requisites and the five domains of this program, let’s talk about how and where you can find the preparation materials.

  • Clearing the concepts

So, according to many experts, MS Learn is the most legit and the best platform to know all the concepts as it holds the proper guide regarding all the Microsoft Azure certifications. You can practice all the modules included in the listed domains and bring your knowledge to an expert’s level when you focus correctly on the learning pathway introduced in the MS Learn platform. 

  • Putting the knowledge to practice

After going through the concepts, you will need to put your knowledge to practice and solve the questions asked in the AZ 104 exam precisely. And for that, you will have to do projects and learn the practical information required to pass the exam. And you can attempt various projects on GitHub lab, where you also get feedback on the work submitted by you.

  • Solving the previously asked questions

The surest way to acquaint yourself with the exam process and the type of questions included is by solving the previous question papers. Solving the previously asked questions also gives you the right confidence needed to appear for the examination.

  • Azure certification training

Apart from the above-discussed points, you can also take specialized courses by institutes like Koenig Solutions which offer extensive training to candidates preparing for the exam, Also read: outsourcing management

Hence, to summarize, having the hands-on experience with practically exercising all the concepts is the key to clear the AZ 104 exam rather than just reading through the modules. And when you are willing to bear the Azure certification cost, you should not lag in investing in the proper preparation and training to clear the exam in one shot.