Top Reasons why iPhone app development beats Android

why iPhone app development beats Android

There are various operating systems for cellphones in this existing digital era and software, such as iOS, android, windows, and others. The competition among Android and iPhone is unlikely to be fixed, with each side claiming top rating. This war is not only among these operating systems but also between the consumers of iOS and Android.

The Best Revolutionary Devices. IPhone and Android: 

Before jumping on the reasons why the iPhone app development beats Android, let’s get a little bit of introduction about both smartphone devices. Apple.Inc introduced their first iPhone in 2007 which is a versatile device with a touch screen, and a ground-breaking digital communications method with computer webmail, internet surfing, searches, and navigation into a simple and compact smartphone. 

On the other side android is an operating system used in smartphones that include no touch controls, App downloads, Alternate keyboards, connectivity, media support, and many other advanced features. When it comes to mobile application development both are known as the leaders in the market, but Apple is in the top position than Google app development. Let’s take a look at the reasons why apple is the best choice for app development.

Perks of choosing iPhone app development platform:

Giving an overview of why the iPhone is the best platform for app development.


If any student takes help from online coursework help UK-based websites, writers efficiently work for them, you can easily trust them and they will produce error-free content for you. In the same manner, the iPhone system is efficient, trustworthy, and simple to use, with minimal errors in the final version of any application, making iPhone app development way better than android app development.

Programming languages:

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iOs apps were found to be easier by most developers than android apps. Android relies on Java programming while the iOs rely on swift, where coding is easier and requires less time, and is easy to read.

Amazing UX/UI experience:

For the user interface design for their apps, Apple provides detailed specifications to developers for app development from text to icons, color, font style, and other elements which helps to create an exceptional user interface design for iPhone users.  

High Return On Investment:

An iOS application will cost more than an Android app but ROI’s can be huge for iOs developers as iPhone users like to spend more money on app purchases. Due to this reason, you can also launch your e-commerce app on iOs.

Capacity to Gain access to Developed Markets:

When you develop an app for the iOs, your app will target regions of first world countries such as Europe, North America, and Australia here iPhone users are high in number.

The younger generation from age 18-24 acquires huge market. Penetration in the enterprise market is high because of the security system. Apple users like to spend more time on their devices than Android users, so they spend more time on apps.

Maintenance of the apps:

iOS can be easily maintained because you need to spend less while updating your app on the apple app store. Android users do not update their systems which results in bugs and crashes even in the new apps which are newly released on the Google app store. 

Android vs. iOS App Development:

As we know that, iOS is only used to power Apple gadgets. As a result, your application should only be accessible with a limited number of screens and devices, many types of Android phones have various development objectives, making it extremely difficult, as they require several changes according to the devices from the size of the screen to the hardware mechanisms.

End Line: 

These reasons lead to the conclusion that before enabling an app to be released on its app store, Apple maintains a higher standard of quality control and security which can make iOs application development different and on top of Android.