We increase brand awareness through Instagram

Instagram is often used to increase brand awareness by both large firms and small businesses. Read below how to properly promote yourself on this platform.

Brand awareness promotion on the network and its features

Social media promotion is the main channel for so many businesses. There are several reasons: availability, relevance, freedom of action, and ease of use. All this gives a lot of room for creativity and healthy competition, in which the client can choose the right store for himself. But there are also significant disadvantages – the market is oversaturated, and it is very difficult for entrepreneurs to survive in it. If you want to move forward, then it’s worth investing in a brand.

It has been proven that buyers prefer products from a company that they have already heard about or with which they have already dealt.

Will Instagram help brand awareness?

Network promotion certainly helps other people to know more about you. But this does not always work in the right direction, alas. If your campaign is too intrusive or provocative, it can create unpleasant associations in the consumer that negatively affect sales.

An unambiguous advantage of social networks is contextual advertising. It helps you get into the recommendations of your target audience. On Instagram, this is all implemented as simply as possible, so many people prefer this particular social network.

You can also use blogger ads for brand awareness. Influencers often become influencers for their followers, so their recommendations will carry extra weight.

How to start promoting on Instagram

Brand creation is a painstaking job that specialists must do. Let’s consider a few steps that need to be taken for successful promotion:

  1. Realize the importance of the visual and use it for associations. The brand book, the face of the company, and design work are very important here. After all, Instagram is literally created for beautiful pictures! No matter how genius you feel, it’s important to make sure it’s done well. 

Use your search history to see how you are most searched for. Focus on the most popular queries when choosing a nickname. This will make it easier to search within the platform.

Bio profile design also plays an important role in customer engagement. Do not overload it with important information – everything you need can be hidden in a multi-link. Such a prominent place is best used for a beautiful slogan.

  • Monitor statistics. To connect this function to Instagram, you need to go to your business profile. Don’t worry – everything is done in a couple of moments, all data is saved.
  • Work with your target audience. Periodically go to subscribers’ profiles, see their subscriptions, posts. This will help you better understand their needs.

The work is painstaking but worth it.

  • Run a lot of challenges. It is advisable to do this through the same bloggers since their recommendations are more powerful than yours. The conditions can be any, the main thing is the mention of the product.
  • Connect a referral program so that people have the opportunity to promote your brand in exchange for a nice prize – a percentage of sales, discounts, promotional codes, and so on. 
  • Don’t forget about the competition! There is a lot of it on Instagram. Pay attention to your USP that makes your product unique.

Conclusion (brand awareness)

Brand promotion is a very complex process that requires serious promotion work. You must first of all correctly position yourself – it does not matter whether you are promoting online or offline. An Instagram business is still a business!

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