Top 5 Winter Season Treks in India

Overview(Winter Season)

Trekking during winter would be the most exciting and demanding activity. Although, some trails would be hard but is it even adventurous trekking if it isn’t problematic. The Winter season has some cool activities without any doubt one of them is trekking. So, why not look at the top 5 winter season treks. Here are listed top 5 treks which you should fail to perform this winter. These are the soothing places and a pretty manageable trekking trail for beginners, also one of the promising mount dales to appreciate the favorable perspectives of the sky; are Chadar Trek, Brahmatal Trek, Kuari Pass Trek, Panwali Kantha Trek, and Har ki Dun. These are the top 5 winter season treks that can be accomplished almost by beginner trekkers too. 

Chadar Trek (Winter Season)

Chadar Trek is prominent trekking, in the region of Ladakh. This trek is one of the most adventurous treks which is also analyzed as a difficult trek. It has an exceptional viewpoint and also comes under the chart of the top 5 winter treks in India. if you are the one who can take a chance and are a moderate level trekker. Then you can accomplish it without any riddles. Wear your warmest attire and trail over the difficult way with a great impression. That sounds exciting. The altitude of this trek is 11150 feet and covers a distance of 105 kilometers. Where you are fortunate to explore the Zanskar River, Zanskar Valley, and Ladakhis. It would take ten-day to finish off with this trek, and have immense memories in your heart. 

Brahmatal Trek


Brahmatal Trek is an ideal trek, in the region of Uttarakhand. As all are familiar with Uttarakhand because it is also contemplated as Queen of Hills. Trekking here would be the most fascinating part of life for many trekkers and also the youngsters. The Winter season in this location has the most dramatic perspective and gives you a perfect snapshot. The maximum altitude of this trek is 12,250 feet. It Will probably take  6 days to complete this trek. Where one can explore rhododendron and oak, Trishul Massif, and  Bekaltal Tilandi. It’s a moderate trek, so beginners can give it a try. If you are well strong and fit physically. 

Kuari Pass Trek 

Kuari Pass Trek is a broadly demanding trek. One of the must-attend trek in the region of Uttarakhand. It’s a moderate trek, it would be challenging for the beginner trekker. However, you can give it an attempt. This covers 33 kilometers within 4 days. The height of this trek is 4265 meters above sea level. The spots which you get to explore through these treks are Tapotan, Joshimath, and the vastly mesmerizing mountain and Dronagiri. Trekking here is 4 days of live exploring paradise. The belief of glorious Mount Dronagiri from here is fortunate for every trekker gets here. Calm and disconnect from city chaos. Moreover, accessible healing in a ruined ordinary existence. 

Panwali Kantha Trek 

Panwali Kantha Trek is an adventurous activity to accomplish in the region of Uttarakhand. The extraordinary bloomy belief is there in the winters, while the incredible hail white elegance can be encountered in the winters season. The average altitude of this trek is 3368 meters.  Where the trekker would cover 65 kilometers. Within 8 days. It is taking off to provide you with an excellent occasion for the following journeys. The major attraction of this trek is its outstanding lush lawns and pastures. Which would certainly steal your heart. Since it’s a moderate trek even beginners can finish this trek. the undulating texture mutters itself with a condensation envelope in winter to give your sights several types of happiness. The locations the trekker will get to discover are Ghuttu, Pobhagi, Panwali Top, Raj Kharak, and Gourmand. Reaching the destination all you will have is a bag full of life memories. 

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Har Ki Dun Trek

Har ki Dun simply means valley of deity. One of the marvelous treks in the region of  Uttarakhand. It has an altitude of 3566 meters and covers 44 kilometers. Within 6 days. You can detect wilderness, dense woodland, farm villages, and Himalayan results. One of the gorgeous locations on the Lap of the environment. It’s an easy trek so all the beginner’s trekker is warmly welcome here to complete it. It would be more lovable particularly for the population who appreciate the existence of nature. The trekker also gets an opportunity to observe cliff ranges, creeks, wildernesses, villages, and glaciers, etc. A wonderful winter season trekking destination 

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