Top 10 best area rug styles you may try in your home

Any pattern, color, texture, and design can work if you style your home with multiple area rugs. Well, if you are a rug lover, you might be familiar with many rug styles. But many people do not know much other than modern or traditional. Also, getting the best deals on discount rugs online is like a dream come true.  

No sales pitch here, getting straight to the point. You might want to get the best deals on your favorite rug styles. But, you should know more about rug style for your home décor. So, here is a list of ten incredible rug styles for you:

  1. Contemporary style
  2. Vintage style
  3. Traditional rugs
  4. Shag style rugs
  5. Bohemian style
  6. Modern style rugs
  7. Transitional rugs
  8. Mid-century
  9. Southwest style
  10. Moroccan style

Contemporary style:

Well, this area rug style is so on point. So, you will not find any landscape in these area rugs. On the contrary, you will see fine lines drawn on the entire area rug. In addition, popular patterns like geometrical designs, abstract prints, and repeated patterns are in this style. Plus, the color palette may contain two or more shades repeating in it. They are not as bold as traditional rugs can be. 

Vintage style:

First of all, do not take vintage as the old one. Vintage style has been in the trend for a long time. It is known for its soft and subtle texture. That is why these rugs are the best choice to make a classic statement. But, make sure you have lots of savings at hand. The reason is that this classic beauty comes with a high market rate. Even if you find them on discount rugs online, they will cost you more than you expect. 

Traditional rugs:

No doubt, you already know what a traditional rug is. We all know it has Persian motifs, flowers, and vase prints in it. Most American and Asian homes have these conventional pieces in their homes. But, you may not make them easy for that. Moreover, this area rug and carpet style is still in demand for its borders and intricate patterns. Fair to say, these rugs are nothing like the modern designs.

Shag style rugs:

These shag-style area rugs are soft and luxurious for your home décor. They have a high-pile density and feel soft and plushy touch underfoot. In addition, these area rugs are more like mats and come in a wide array of designs, stuff, and colors. Their high pile makes them best suited for doorways or pathways. With the right shag area rug, you can keep all the dirt outside the room. 

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Bohemian style:

If you are looking for some whimsical and stylish rugs, go for bohemian style. In general, they come in bold and vibrant color palettes, designs, distressed patterns. In addition, they contain natural fiber that feels soft and light. The best way to create a bohemian vibe is to place a bohemian area rug on a neutral color rug. For sure, its details will catch every eye towards your home décor.

Modern style rugs:

You must be thinking about the line between modern and contemporary rug styles. Well, the former style differs from the latter one slightly. So, modern area rugs have low pile density. And they are much unique than the later ones. You will find a neutral base with unusual 3-D patterns that go perfectly with your modern furniture. Also, their strong vibe can shift the mood of your entire room. 

Transitional rugs:

Draw a line between traditional and modern style rugs, and you get the transitional one. They are classic with hints of new designs. When new red area rugs hit the market, they usually come in this style. So, you will find border prints and shapes as well. And their large-scale patterns will give a sophisticated look to your place. Keep your eyes on the latest rug style at the rug gallery to get one of these pieces. 


Mid-century rug styles have a stark contrast to complement your upscale living room. They are bold, bright, and eye-catching pieces. So, you can never go wrong with a colorful rug like this. Plus, it will give a retro style to your place. Moreover, you can style your studio room with one of these unique pieces. 

Southwest style:

As the name reflects, these rug styles are common in the southwest USA. They are typically flat-woven rugs; you can use them as doormats or corridor runners. Also, they are in block prints and motifs to give a rustic look to your home. Each piece is rich with geometric designs. 

Moroccan style:

Those laced pattern area rugs with zigzag designs that you often see are Moroccan-style rugs. In addition, they are distinct and beautiful. You will find the same design in large size carpets as well. This style is worth trying.

Where to find the best discount rugs online?

Well, Amazon, Home Depot, rugs USA, and Rug Gallery are the best places to get the best rates on rugs online. Any style is in your range with these top-quality options.


With all the choices you have in area rugs, it is hard sometimes to find discount rugs online. But before anything, you should read the list of these ten rug styles. All of them have a unique look to offer. So, pick anyone from the traditional, transitional, bohemian, or shag style area rugs.

In addition, there is mid-century, vintage, Moroccan, and southwest style to bring novelty to your home interior. For all such designs and ideas, check out the Rug gallery to see what’s on offer.