Tips to Find the Right IVF Specialist for IVF treatment in Pune

Infertility is one of the most common issues amongst young couples these days. As per a study, one out of every six couples finds it difficult to conceive for various reasons. Thanks to modern-day technologies, treatments like IVF treatment can make their dream of becoming parents come true. However, the truth is that many couples are not aware of it. All they know is that it is an expensive procedure that helps make the test tube babies. Well, for the expense part, you can always go for the bajaj finserv health card and opt for a convenient payment plan.

To get all the information about the IVF procedure, one can get in touch with the best gynaecologists in Pune. Your gynaecologistwill conduct some tests, and after analyzing the situation, will explain the entire process to you. If you are new to this medical procedure and unsure about how you can choose the best gynaecologist in Pune, keep reading till the end.

What is IVF Procedure?

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization. It is a medical procedure in which the egg and the sperm combine outside the body in vitro. The sperm can be of the partner or a donor. The doctor will constantly monitor the process in a laboratory until the embryo comes out. Once it successfully grows, it gets transferred to the female’s ovary. There are high chances of success in this procedure, but it might fail in few cases. Therefore, you need to choose the best gynaecologist in Pune for excellent success rates and the best service.

Furthermore, IVF is a kind of emotional experience and involves a lot of stress and anxiety. Therefore, you will have to prepare yourself for the results and choose a doctor who can understand your situation both medically and emotionally. With numerous options available, it can get challenging to find the right gynaecologist for your requirement. Go through the following tips for choosing your gynaecologist.

Tips for finding the best gynecologist

Clinic Details

Gather thorough information about the clinic. The services they provide and the equipment available there. It is ideal to personally visit the clinic and check their work procedure, understanding the service quality. Only after you are satisfied with the facilities and service offerings finalize the clinic.

Doctors Expertise

The doctor you are planning to get in touch with should have proven expertise in the field. To ensure this, you should check the educational qualifications and any renowned awards and accolades to their name. You can also check patient reviews on different online platforms to get a better idea about your gynaecologist.

Past Records

You should always check the records of the doctor to understand the success rate. You can ask the doctor to share their annual report. Most of the clinics mention such details on their official website and social media platforms. However, if you do not find them, it is ideal to ask.

Cost Involved

 IVF treatment is an expensive procedure, and it is ideal to discuss the same with your doctor beforehand. The cost can change for different clinics and doctors. You will have to do a cost-benefit analysis and finalize the doctor that fits your budget.


Ensure that the doctor you choose accepts the insurances and lets you opt for it to start the procedure. Getting medical insurance for a costly medical treatment like IVF is always a good idea. This way, you do not feel the burden of the expenses and also do not have to stop the procedure at any given time. One can get the Bajaj Finserv health cardto pay through easy EMIs and carry out the IVF procedure seamlessly.

These are some of the tips to help you reach out to the best gynaecologist in Pune. Understand that in such situations, your gut always guides you on what to choose. You should trust your instincts and pick the doctor that you feel the most comfortable with. You can also go and explore the online doctor consultation apps to check all the available options and make a list of doctors you would like to visit. Do not put unnecessary pressure on yourself about the results. Choose the best doctor, get the Bajaj Finserv health card, and get started with your IVF procedure.