Things you should check out while shopping for the best TV for you

MI TV price

Choosing a TV can be difficult. There are so many options, brands, and features to choose from. Hence, often selecting a suitable model can become complicated and confusing. The budget is also another constraint. Therefore, you may consider the MI TV price before buying any MI TV model. 

As a responsible shopper, you need to look for multiple qualities in your TV before choosing the suitable model. Then, you can select a  MI TV 43 inch or even any other model as per your choice. 

Here are the qualities you need to consider-

Screen size 

Selecting the screen size of the new TV that you are going to buy majorly depends on the size of your room. Besides, you also need to check the space where you plan to install your TV. 

It is recommended to keep a distance of at least four feet from the TV. You also need to consider the height of the TV screen and its distance from the viewing area. For example, if you plan to buy an HD TV, you need to keep the distance three times that of the screen’s height. For an ultra HD 4K TV, the appropriate distance should be 1.5 times the screen height. 

Smart TV or basic TV

Often buyers go through a common dilemma while purchasing a new TV. That is what to choose from smart TV models or basic TV models.

Basic LCD or LED TV models come with essential services and require cable or satellite connection to play the available content. Some models also allow you to view videos and movies etc., through an HDMI port. These TV models are more affordable and cost less. 

On the other hand, a smart TV is an advanced device that offers internet connectivity, direct streaming from OTT platforms, recording content, and playing content through USB devices or dongles or from direct wi-fi connectivity. Such TVs also come with a built-in browser and multiple apps for a better user experience. 

Screen resolution

While buying the TV, you also need to check out the screen resolution of any TV model. This is because the resolution depends on the pixel size. That means, higher pixel rate will result in better resolutions and clearer pictures with better details. In general, HD TVs are top-rated among buyers. Still, there is also demand for advanced models like the Ultra HD TV sets. 

You can check the MI TV 43 inches in HD quality or Ultra HD quality according to your budget. 

Refresh rates 

The refresh rate also matters for any TV model.  A higher refresh rate allows pictures to move faster without lagging and offers more precise imaging and high-quality videos. If you buy an LCD TV or HD TV, a higher refresh rate is an important criterion. 

The new-age model often supports High-frame Rate or HFR. This ensures that the model has a higher refresh rate to ensure the video content plays with better quality. 

The TV model should have multiple connection options.

If you plan to buy a TV that allows you to stream content from different sources, you need to check the available connection options before buying any particular model. A Good TV must come with multiple port options like a USB port, HDMI port(HDMI 2.0 AND HDMI 3.0) to play the contents. Some latest models also offer Bluetooth connectivity and internet connectivity. In this case, the more options you have, the better entertainment you get through the TV. 

 The audio quality also matters.

Your TV must have better audio output, and the sound should be audible enough to hear from a distance of two feet. TV models with higher wattage offer better sound qualities. But, you need to check if the sound becomes thinner and distorted at higher volumes. Hence, check the TV sound quality through live demonstration.

You can find multiple models in the market with different budgets and features. Here is the model that you can check out if you are trying to find something within a budget

 MI108 CM Full HD Smart LED TV

  • Full HD TV with 43-inch screen size
  • 3 HDMI ports, blu ray connection, 3 USB ports
  • 20 watts output with DTS-HD quality sound
  • Wi-fi, Patchwall available 
  • Ability to stream content from OTT platforms 

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