Things You Must Consider Before Buying Touch Screen Pos for Your Store

When it comes to buying a touch screen POS machine. There are certain features that are must-haves and others. That are subjective to your requirements. With the heightened emphasis on contact-free payments like QR codes, having a good QR Code POS. That facilitates all popular digital transactions has become necessary. As a retailer, you are obviously looking for the maximum value. In every penny that you invest in a POS machine for your store. Be it for your start-up. or as part of transitioning to a new POS system for your existing business establishment. these are the things you must consider before buying a touch screen POS machine:-


  1. Prioritize your Features Selection

If you are opting for a touch screen POS machine, you are most likely going to require several other modern features as well. The limited capabilities of big machines (with wires, keyboards, printers, scanners, and so on) fixed at the POS counter has been replaced by the sleek efficiency of the touch screen POS machine. Here are some of the basic features that you must consider having:-

  • Wifi, 4G/3G and Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Portability with GPS-enablement
  • Android OS for ease of use
  • Interactive Digital Menus
  • Face Recognition for Employee Logins
  • Syncing with other devices (smartphones/tablets/laptops)
  1. Contact-Free Payments Enablement

There was a time when retailers opted for POS devices mostly for card-swiping. This is not the case today, when QR code and UPI payments have become more popular and lucrative than conventional debit/credit card transactions. This has been further necessitated by the Covid-19 norm of contact-free payments. So installing a QR Code POS with in-built QR code scanning capability is a must for contact-free payments enablement.

  1. Hardware Assessment

As far as buying a touch screen POS machine is concerned, the quality of the hardware is also a very crucial factor in determining your choice. Ask your POS service provider about the type of touch screen that has been installed in the POS devices that they are selling. While resistive touch screens might be cheaper and more sensitive to touch, it is capacitive touch screens that are more popular owing to their high durability. Also, if you are opting for a wired touch screen POS, enquire about aspects like cable management, touch interfaces for USB, customer display options if required, and so on.

  1. POS Software Capabilities

We have already discussed how important it is to have a QR Code POS with multiple digital payment capabilities. But on the whole, POS systems today have evolved a lot more to include various other operational capabilities. A good POS software allows loyalty points consolidation, allows you to keep a record of inventory levels and alerts you when the level goes below the specified minimum threshold, keeps a track of employee productivity, and helps in generating several formats of reports for your Sales and Finance Team. Also, the software capability for your touch screen POS machine should be in sync with your business type. So the POS software capabilities of an apparel store will be very different from that of a Fast Food Chain or a grocery mart.

  1. Data Storage

On-site data storage used to be the norm with POS machine earlier. Cashiers had to painstakingly take printouts of all the invoices and Daily Sales Reports, and file them. This was also subject to tampering and misuse. With the cloud storage capabilities available with most premium touch screen POS devices today, this is no longer a concern. As a business owner, you can sync your phone or laptop with the POS and get direct alerts on the sales transactions in real-time.

  1. Data Security Standards

 Be it complying with the highest encryption norms for QR code POS payments. Or abiding by the Payment Cards Industry Data Security Standards. Always check on the security compliances before buying any POS machine.


With an avalanche of options in the vibrant payment solutions market in India, choosing the right touch screen POS machine or scan pay QR code POS machine can be tricky. Keeping the above purchase factors in mind can be quite helpful in buying a POS. That can ease out your checkout process, prompt repeat visits, boost customer loyalty. And also streamline other operational aspects like Inventory Management and Employee Monitoring.

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