Take A Tour To Abu Dhabi From Sharjah:

Abu Dhabi is the second glamorous and outstanding city of UAE.  No one can refuse the beauty of this city. As many people come to different cities of UAE to earn money or visit its cities. If any person lives in Sharjah the beauty and glam of Abu Dhabi will also attract him to visit it.  The distance of Abu Dhabi from Sharjah is almost 164.2 km. When you have been completed your Sharjah city tour you can start Abu Dhabi City tour from Sharjah. There are 4 ways of traveling to Abu Dhabi from Sharjah. Like bus, taxi, drive, and subway bus.


The most famous and beautiful places of Abu Dhabi are as follows:

1-Sheikh Zayed grand mosque

2-Art and culture of Abu Dhabi

3-Saadiyat Island

4-Yas Island

5-Warner Bros world

6-Desert safari dune bashing

7-Falcon hospital

8- Yas water world

9- Heritage village

10- Shopping malls

11-Luxury hotels

12- Ferrari world

13-Presidential palace

14-Emirates palace

15- Dates market

Whenever you take a full-day tour of Abu Dhabi from Sharjahyou must have a guide. Who would be familiar with every way to the destination? To make sure you also have some idea or information about the areas of Abu Dhabi city tour from Sharjah. Now a little bit of information about all the visiting places is given bellows:

Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque:

It is included in the biggest mosques in the world. This is an example of modern Islamic culture. It is made up of marbles and glass work is almost every side of the mosque which increases its beauty and makes it unique from others. It was opened in 2007 and no one is restricted to enter this mosque even non-Muslims can also visit it.

Art and culture of Abu Dhabi:

In Abu Dhabi, there is a very historical museum of the world that tells the artistic achievements of the people. The name of the museum is LOUVRE Abu Dhabi.

Saadiyat Island:

Saadiyat Island is a long beach with white sand around it. People come here and make their photographs on the beach and post them on social media.

Yas Island:

There is a beach on Yas Island, visitors like to spend their whole day on the beach. There are cafes, restaurants, hotels other refreshment facilities. The Beach manager offers many sports deals for visitors in the water.

Warner Bros world:

On Yas Island, there is a very beautiful park. To the interest of the children.  It is famous for its cartoon. Animated movies and 2d,3d thrillers, etc. Families come here with their kids for the sake of their kid’s enjoyment.

Ferrari world:

It is a trill racing activity on the top of Abu Dhabi. Visitors also enjoy the car racing and also the Abu Dhabi full city scenery.

Presidential palace:

People from other countries have a curiosity about seeing the palace of UAE. Which is located in Abu Dhabi. So that many visitors visit the presidential palace. That is open for visitors.

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Dates market:

Abu Dhabi is also called the city of Dates. There are many kinds of Dates, which they supply to other countries. As dates are the famous thing of Abu Dhabi, there is a big date market. People visit it to explore their knowledge about dates quality.