Ways to Increase Sales on Instagram

Instagram is not only used for hobby purposes. Instagram is a huge market for entrepreneurs who move their businesses to the digital environment. Entrepreneurs can open a business account and sell their products and services through this platform. However, it should not be forgotten that there are intense competition conditions on Instagram. Multiple business accounts compete with each other. In order to survive this competition, you need to pay attention to some criteria. If your account has a low number of followers, your first step should be to evaluate packages such as buy Instagram followers. After that, you can start to follow the other steps gradually.(Sales on Instagram)

Among the ways to increase sales on Instagram, you can pay attention to the following topics.

Corporate Outlook

The success of amateur salesmen is not permanent. After a while, sales start to get stuck. That’s why it’s so important to give your Instagram business account a corporate look. You will need to create logos, slogans, fonts, and images that express your brand. You can start by getting offers from companies that provide corporate identity design services.

Audience Analysis

Which audience are your products and services suitable for? When you find the answer to this question, you will have taken an important step towards increasing sales. You can optimize your ads by using the characteristics of your target audience. In this way, the feedback you will receive will be more potential.

Competition/Competitor Analysis

For example, you have a business account operating in the boutique area. In this case, you will need to scrutinize competing accounts that sell boutiques on Instagram. You can decide your next move by revealing the pros and cons of your opponents. For example, if the number of followers of the competing accounts is higher than you,   you can bring your follower count closer to your competitors by choosing cheap follower buy options.


The idea of ​​having a product for free is always sweet. You can attract users to your account by organizing free sweepstakes on Instagram. You can view sweepstakes as a promotional tool. If your advertising budget is limited, sweepstakes will be the right decision for you.

Campaign and Promotions

You can organize interesting campaigns in your business account. Campaigns like “buy one get one free” can be interesting. In addition, you can show the products you have discounted prices to users with interesting visuals.

Reply to Comments

You can instill a sense of trust in users by replying to comments on your posts on Instagram. Most business accounts don’t get many replies to comments. By eliminating this shortcoming, you can turn your users into real customers.

Buying Followers

You can make your business account authoritative by increasing the number of followers on your Instagram account.  You can evaluate packages such as Buy real Instagram followers, and increase your number of followers to gain a strong outlook.

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Reasons for Losing Followers on Instagram

Instagram, one of the most popular and widely used applications of today, is used by millions of users to share photos and videos. In addition, the number of followers is very important in order to increase user popularity. As the number of followers increases, the comments and likes on the posts also increase. At the same time, the targeted segment thus expands. Users who want to be recognized on the Instagram platform attach great importance to their followers and follower numbers. Users do not want their follower numbers to decrease. Reasons for users to lose followers on Instagram could be due to many reasons. Engaging is very important on Instagram, as with other social media platforms. The more you interact with people, the more audience you will have. For this reason, first of all, the Instagram account used should be used publicly, not privately. Gain instagram followers with SuperViral Au and more know why you are losing followers.

Major Reasons for Declining Followers;

  • First of all, the reasons for losing followers on Instagram are due to the presence of bots, ie fake accounts, among the followers in your account. Instagram closes these accounts itself. For this reason, bot accounts that follow you will be deleted. If the followers are real users, situations such as disliking the shared posts may cause them to unfollow.
  • It can be found boring that shared posts are always similar, and therefore, the number of followers may decrease due to repetitive posts.
  • Multiple and consecutive postings during the day are also among the main reasons for the decrease in the number of followers. For this reason, it has the feature of sharing multiple posts within the same post at once. Multiple postings made separately are a situation that bores the followers.
  • Another reason for losing followers on Instagram is that users using open profiles do not use hashtags under their posts. Hashtags used under the posts increase both likes and comments and can reach many people and increase the number of followers.
  • The sharing time of the post is also important in terms of likes and followers. For post sharing, it is necessary to share at the most productive hour.
  • Using the account privately instead of an open profile may cause a loss of followers on Instagram. Since it is necessary to respond to the follow request, this time is seen as a waste of time for the followers, and the following is discontinued.
  • Not responding to the comments written under the posts made is one of the factors that reduce the number of followers. Since bonding is important for followers, not getting a response to their comments can cause them to unfollow.
  • Not returning to the users who follow you in order not to increase the number of people you follow is also one of the reasons that cause you to lose your followers.
  • When the reasons for losing followers on Instagram are reviewed, one of the biggest reasons is the lack of a profile photo of the user. The absence of a profile photo makes your profile unrealistic. For this reason, it is normal that no one tends to follow.
  • For users who open an e-commerce account, one of the reasons for losing followers is that there is no website in the bio section of their profile. Since it is desired to reach the products directly, it is preferred to have a link that will direct you to the site where the purchase is made. It is a situation that followers care about in terms of the trust.