The most appropriate ring light in 2021- dramatically improve your video or selfie

At present, if you look at any YouTubers or tiktokers, then you will notice that there is a new glow on their face. Would you like to bring such a glow to your face? So you can also purchase a ring light for selfie. This ring light specializes in giving your face a professional look even in your video calls, interviews, zoom meetings, or just selfie. By using the ring light for selfie, or starmaker you will get a dramatic improvement, and you will get more confidence. If someone is a beauty blogger, then this ring light for selfie acts as a blessing. The best thing is that you can efficiently execute your video or magazine photoshoot through your smartphone too.

The ring light for selfie is one of the essential toolkits for any fashion photographer. Nowadays, the use of ring lights in the studio has also increased considerably. It proves effective in giving a new look by removing oily reflection on the model’s face.

What is good in a ring light?

With the ring light being the size of a circle, you can set your camera in the centre of it, which can remove any shadow and glare during a photoshoot.

Although the ring light was created the first time for the dentist, now, it is being used more for taking glamorous shots.

You can use a ring light for any wedding or portrait. Apart from this, a ring light for selfie is also necessary for shoots like macro photography, ornaments, flowers or any other small thing. If you think that the ring light will cover your entire table space, this is not the case at all. Today’s ring lights are available in a very compact design and are very powerful.

In these Ring lights for selife, flash mode and high-speed sync mode are inbuilt. With high-speed sync mode, you can increase power up to 500%.

Setting up your ring light

If you want to use a ring light as the primary light source, you fit the camera at the centre of the ring light. With this, you will be able to focus the light on the direct subject/object. If a model is wearing glasses, then you use a ring light from the side slightly, otherwise reflecting light will create unwanted glare.

 Purchasing a right ring light

You purchase the ring light according to your need and budget. If you are in the studio, then 6 feet and 18-inch diameter ring light will be perfect for you. It comes with a 5400k fluorescent bulb.

If you are a YouTuber or beauty blogger, a tabletop ring light will be the right choice for you; in this, you have a dimmable led bulb with a desktop stand. It is very cheap compared to others and is also portable.

Professional portrait and fashion photographers like to have a ring light fitted in a DSLR camera. This type of ring light is perfect for on-the-go macro photography.

Other uses of a ring light

If you want to shoot any product and highlight every detail of an object, use a ring light. The image will come out without any shadow. Any close-ups or sharp object image by using this ring light will be better than any traditional light. Makeup artists and Hairstylists are using this ring light for the better look of a model. You can also take a better image for your Instagram page with the help of this ring light.

Now a days many YouTubers uses ring light besides professional photographers. It makes the face of YouTubers much more illuminated. It is also used during outdoor shooting.

Special Feature

The most important thing is the ring light used as a continuous light source with a flashlight. You will not have to worry about the battery while using it.

Best suited ring light according to the profession.

1.TikTokers-Neewer 10-inch LED Ring Light

  • Color temperature: 3200k-6000k
  • Power source: USB       
  • Dimensions: 380x283x950 mm
Key Points
  • Easy to operate
  • Small and portable
  • Tripod included
  • USB power only

If you are not professional and does a simple photo shoot, then Neewer 10 Inch led ring light is an excellent choice. This ring light can be taken into action very soon in blogging and making TikTok videos. It is entirely adequate even when its size is small. Most users like it very much for its essential features and quick start.

2. Youtubers- ESDDI PLV-R432 18-inch Ring Light

  • Colour temperature: 3000K-6500K
  • Power source: Mains power
  • Dimensions: 458mm outer diameter of 318mm inner diameter.
Key Points
  • 18-inch diameter with 48W power
  • Includes light stand, case, phone clip
  • Requires lots of space
  • Phone holder isn’t great

 The ESDDI PLV-R432 18-inch Ring Light is also better and more prominent, which is ideal for use in YouTubers and studios. It also makes any video and blog shiny. This ring light will provide you with all kinds of service. With this, you will get 6 feet light stand and padded travel case. It comes with main dials that adjust brightness and temperature and 180 degree light rotation features.

3. Webcam video calls-Rotolight Neo 2

  • Colour temperature: 3150-6300K
  • Power source: 6x AA batteries, D-Tap port, AC adapter
  • Dimensions: 150x45mm
Key Points
  • Bicolor lighting
  • Temperature adjustment
  • Powerful HSS flash mode
  • Not a true ring light

If you are doing a video chat with your webcam or have an online meeting, then Rotolight Neo 2 would be fine for you. It is not for a model portrait at all. It is powered by six AA batteries for a long time and powered by an adaptor for up to 500% more power in flash mode.

4. Bloggers who are using a smartphone-Rotolight Ultimate Vlogging Kit

  • Colour temperature: 6300K, 5600K, 4100K and 3200K-using filters
  • Power source: 3x AA batteries
  • Dimensions: 130mm outer dia / 38mm inner dia
Key Points
  • 80W equivalent power
  • Ultra-compact
  • Includes filters to adjust temp
  • Changing filters is fiddly

It is one of the best ring light in the market. It comes with an all-in-one kit now. This ring light can set up perfectly on the tabletop. It is a perfect on-camera light for DSLR and Mirrorless camera.

5. Studio -New 20″ Dimmable Ring Light

  • Color temperature: 3200-5600K
  • Power source: Mains power and 1x NP-F battery
  • Dimensions: 530mm outer diameter / 420mm inner diameter
Key Points
  • Best ring light for makeup tutorials
  • Huge 20-inch diameter
  • Mains or battery power
  • Takes Sony NP-F batteries
  • ESDDI is more powerful

 It is a very heavyweight model and also a considerable size. It is one of the most significant ring light and comes with 44W of dimmable output from 352 LEDs. You will get a 6′ feet 5″ inches light stand, vertical/horizontal phone holder, ball head adapter, wireless remote control and a carry case inside the pack.

6. Still or video shooter -Smoovie LED Colour Stream Ring Light

  • Colors: 16 RBG colors + 3 white tones
  • Power source: USB
  • Dimensions: 6-inch or 8-inch
Key Points
  • 16 RGB colours with eight light modes
  • Tabletop tripod
  • USB powered
  • Smaller than others

16 RGB colours and nine lighting modes make this model a brilliant ring light. It looks fantastic if you add a splash of colour to your images or videos. Natural, soft and warm white light is also present in this model. In the box, you will get a telescoping tripod and also a 3,000 power bank free.

7. Smartphone Shooters -ESDDI PLV-R120 10-inch Ring Light

  • Color temperature: 3000K, 4000K, 5600K
  • Power source: USB
  • Dimensions: 260 x 390mm
Key Points
  • Tripod stand, remote, two-way phone grip
  • USB powered
  • Adjustable through 360°
  • Not as powerful as Rotolight RL48

ESDDI is a very pocket-friendly ring light. It has just 10W output. ESDDI PLV model is ideal for smartphone shooters. ESDDI has a fundamental ring light. It has a two-way grip for holding the handset horizontally and vertically. It comes with a Bluetooth remote for controlling the light during video or still pictures capturing. If you want, it can run from the power bank without any hesitation.

8. iPhone user-Xinbaohong Clip-On Selfie Light

  • Colour temperature: 6000K
  • Power source: USB (internal battery)
  • Dimensions: 85 x 28mm
Key Points
  • Brilliant all-purpose light
  • USB and battery power
  • Bright and dim modes
  • The small battery dims after about an hour

Xinbaohong clip ring light is used for selfie mainly. iPhone users like this ring light. It is very light and handy, but battery backup is very poor. This ring light is very much popular who are taking images in nightclub or pub. This model is very cheap, and anyone can purchase it.

9. Outdoor shooter -Smoovie Flexi Selfie Ring Light

  • Colour temperature: (Three white light settings)
  • Power source: USB
  • Dimensions: 6-inch
Key Points
  • Flexible clip arm mounts anywhere
  • The second Flexi arm can hold a smartphone
  • Three-tone settings & adjustable brightness
  • USB powered
  • Less colour temp control

Smoovie Flexi Selfie Ring Light is a mount-anywhere ring light and can also hold the phone tightly. It has a very flexible clip arm so that you can mount the ring light anywhere. Three tones of white match the daylight or artificial situations and can control the brightness also.


Ring Light is available nowadays for DSLR and smartphone at low prices. It is so portable that you can bag it and use it anywhere. By spending now on the ring light, you can take full advantage of it later. It will increase your social media followers. Whether you take a selfie from a smartphone or are a professional photographer, a ring light is going to be your essential toolkit. While doing a photoshoot with this ring light, you must shout Ring Light-Action-Camera!!!