Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome- PCOS

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome

It was said that in the old times, that a women can bear anything, fear nothing and is ready for everything! But no one mentioned that a women is a human too and which makes her transparent to have pain, face her fears and rest if she wants to. With evolving lifestyle, the women of today’s era face different ways of maintaining and doing things that she is intended to do. Increased pressure on today’s women have really placed her in a place where she alone has to support her family and build a career for herself as well.

Now, though the pressure is not all the time deliberate majority of the female population with acknowledged and fresh mindsets wants to build a specific position for themselves. Assignment Writing Services in Pakistan really encourage those women to achieve what they want and how they want it.

The other part of this achievement phase for women are the modernized and more technical sight of physical disorders that women have to face in today’s world. Because of immense pressure (social and domestic), not giving enough rest to themselves and with a lot of stress women sometimes stop feeling themselves and in that manner their body reacts!

PCOS- Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome is a syndrome found in women of all ages that is caused because of hormonal disbalance which is in some cases innate and in some cases developed over the course of a female menstrual years. Amongst many affects that PCOS presents for a woman, the most common are Infertility, increasing weight, disability to lose weight easily, increased hair loss and pain in pin points including vaginal area, uterus and the fore most affect is extreme vaginal foul adoring discharge.

A women suffering from PCOS does not initially feels as if something is wrong with her body, but missed or late periods are one of the symptoms that can assure a women about it, if not pregnancy! The proper treatment for the syndrome is designed to have a longer tenure and is followed by enough relieved sight for a women and have her cycle assigned as it should.

Apart from these symphonic treatments, that PCOS is catered with women are asked to get proper checkup as in Ultrasound of their pelvis area so as to get checked for a cyst if there is any and get treated for that a swell.

As, the symptoms and effects of PCOS are very much neglected by women it is advised to have a general routine checkup for women of every age every time they miss their period or feel as if their weight is increased in an unjustified manner.

Lastly, through our this platform we want to strongly advise women that please maintain your stress level and have antibiotics as prescribed by your gynecologists so as to prevent any severe side effect to happen in the coming future.

Because as women, if we won’t take care of ourselves then who in this world will?