Live Room: Make Instagram Lives with up to 4 Participants!

Companies and content creators spend a lot of time planning creative content and engaging audiences to post on Instagram. And all this with the intention of, increasingly, gaining followers and likes.

In fact, when thinking about ways to gain followers and how to gain likes, Reels videos and lives have been getting a lot of attention lately.

So much so that several brands and influencers are betting on this feature to attract more curious eyes from platform users.

Do you want to know how to use the lives in favor of your brand and take advantage of the changes in the tool, which now allows up to 4 participants? Learn more in this article from SuperViral, a platform to gain free followers!

Instagram lives with up to 4 participants: how does it work?

Instagram lives, which can now have up to 4 participants – the profile owner plus three guests.

In short, chat rooms are an Instagram feature that allows users to exchange information and experiences via video in a live stream.

Before this change, lives were composed of up to two people only.

What are the advantages of new lives for content creators

The new format of live broadcasts on Instagram for up to 4 people promises to generate a differentiated experience in the way of consuming content on the platform. In addition, participants can create interviews and music sessions.

Professional content creators can expand their business online through the stamp feature.

With it, followers who want to have their comments highlighted in a broadcast can pay for it, offering support to the live presenters.

How to create a live on Instagram?

Being live with more people can attract a larger audience, as the followers of all attendees will see the room live and can be notified about it.

Account owners can create a live as usual, later adding their guests, who must be their followers.

There is also the possibility of blocking users who may be offending or infringing the platform’s usage policies.

At the moment, Instagram’s lives allow streaming with up to four people, but there are already rumors that the social network is expanding the feature to allow more than 10 participants.

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