I Have A Reason Not To Count People Follow IG Followers

I am one of the billions of people on earth who have an Instagram account. Yes, even though I rarely upload personal photos, I still use IG to upload other images and also know the latest issues that are happening. I have to have an Instagram account because of my profession as a blogger as well as a content writer. Sometimes there are sponsored articles that must be shared on Instagram and tagged accounts belonging to certain brands. I am also a person who is not calculating and hesitates to follow other people’s IGs.

I’m not a person who plays Instagram just to get a lot of Instagram followers. Until now, the number of my followers is like that, not comparable to the number of followers belonging to other celebrities.

And indeed for now, I have not thought about becoming an influencer or buzzer even though (he said) the income is quite promising. I just want to be a writer, in accordance with my ninja way and I don’t want anything else.

I strongly agree with this writing which states that there is no prohibition on having more following on an Instagram account. The number of two thousand following without any followers is not a problem for me.

If calculated, the number of my followers is only 50% of the number of following. After all, I can still communicate and see their photos, right?

Yes, unless they private the IG account so that no one can peek at it.

Since I have an Instagram account until now, I have followed many other accounts. Starting from family, friends, friends, public figures, to government figures. I don’t care if they don’t follow me back and I won’t be begging for them to do the same. Obviously I have a reason why I don’t calculate other people’s IG follow questions and I will explain.

# 1 Increasing my insight

I really like accounts both business and personal that share useful things, especially about writing and job vacancies (this is the fate of unemployment, sob).

Even though it is not a well-known or verified account, I still follow its Instagram as long as there is useful information in it. By following these accounts, my knowledge and insight increased so that my brain could be upgraded to a higher pentium.

# 2 Maybe someday I need them

I have no doubts about the prestige of following other people’s IGs (including my friends) because it is not impossible that one day I need them. As long as the IG account is still not private or deleted, I’ll just follow it.

When you have successfully followed it will be much easier to contact them for help or assistance. I am a social creature who really needs other people.

His name also needs help, the needy must come to what is needed, not the other way around. So I should have followed their social media accounts first, not just sitting around hoping for help.

# 3 Longing Medicine

Instagram is one of the places to treat my missed friends who have been separated for a long time. I can see photos with my friends uploaded to their Instagram account.

In fact, you could say, now IG is the social media that my friends use the most. Facebook is no longer starting to be abandoned because it is considered boring.

That’s why I created an Instagram account and followed my old friend’s IG account.

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# 4 I’m just an ordinary person

I am just an ordinary person, not a public figure or a famous figure. So, having a few followers on social media is not a problem for me.

People like me who use this minimal IG don’t care about the number of following or followers. Even if you see on my Instagram account I posted an image with a hashtag, it is solely so that the post will be seen by other IG users. It doesn’t matter if you see it, even if you don’t follow it.

So, those are some of the reasons why I don’t hesitate to follow other people’s IGs, especially my own family or friends’ accounts. They are people I know, so why hesitate to follow them?

Finally, I want to thank friends who do not lock their Instagram accounts so that I am more free to follow your Instagram account and get lots of useful insights from the pictures you upload.