How to Upload Android App on Google Play Store in 2021

Each morning till night the first and last gadget that we interact with is our smartphone Smartphones have become a necessity in our daily life, making it easier. All it requires is, a single touch and you can check your account balance, book flight tickets, do online shopping, and keep yourself entertained.

Diving Into the Android and the App Store:

We know the wonders of android but what android mean? It’s a mobile operating system developed by Google that lets the users use their mobile device with the movement through finger with motions which include tapping, swiping and also with a fingerprint, provides a unique interface to users.

One of the best things android offers to developers is app development for android devices only, this means it can only be accessible on devices that are powered by android. Once you are done with the app development, they can be uploaded on the google app store or other third-party sites. The update and app design enhance the devices. These all Apps are then made available through the google app store which is a pre-installed store on android devices that provides access to apps on the google play store which is not limited to games and apps, u can also find books, music, and lots of other digital content but have you ever thought about how apps get uploaded on google play If not, here are the steps to follow:

The App Publishing process:

  1. Create An account on Google:

This is the first step you need to do if u want to upload your app on Google. Sign in with your Google account, it can be your account or you can create a separate account, accept the developer agreement and add your personal information. After that, you need to pay a one-time registration fee of 25 $. Google takes 2 days to approve your account. 

  • Create A Google Merchant account:

You will also need a google merchant account. It will help you to manage sales and your monthly payments and you can daily check your sales report. Your developer account will be linked to the merchant account once you are done creating the merchant account

  • Prepare the important documents:

Prepare End-user License engagement and policies for the app. If you feel like you can’t write well yourself, resort to the internet. Be it students searching for the best essay writers UK standard or companies looking for product description writers, you can find anything online.

The license engagement is an agreement between the owner and user of the app. This lets the users know what they can do with your app and what is not allowed, License fee, and property information. Set terms and conditions for your app, what service app is offering, and how a user should interact with it

  • Upload your app:

After creating the merchant account you can now upload your app, go to the menu options select all application, click on “Add a new application”, from the drop-down menu choose the default language, add the title of your app with high-rank keywords it should not be more than 30 characters. Add a short description with the relevant keyword so users can know what your app is about, then the long description where you should introduce your app with explaining proper features with the keywords which help you to rank in the play store. Even on Google, if you type “do my essay for me UK based” you would get the most high-ranked websites at the top and the least used at the bottom of the near end.

When you are done with it get ready to upload your APK file format

The APK format lets you store, distribute and install the applications on android devices and it generates right after the app development. In google, the console creates release and uploads the APK file, and saves it.

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The End process: Finalize your app content rating, pricing, and distribution. If you work according to the google policies then you are all set to be in the google play store soon.