How to Make Your Bed Look and Feel Like Hotel

Want to experience a five-star hotel-like feel? Gladly, for that, you don’t have to leave your plush comfy bedroom at home. It’s no surprise the best thing about your travel and hotel stay is the comfortable, extra fluffy luxurious bed. But recreating that same feel at home is a big struggle. But worry not. We are here to help you enjoy a wonderful sleep experience right at your home.

So, stay tuned and follow our bed-making guide to get a hotel-like feel at home.

Invest in quality bedding

Firstly, to enjoy a good night’s sleep it is crucial to invest in good, quality bedding. A premium mattress and mattress cover will accord you with a heavenly experience. Here are some basic bed linens you need to create a hotel-like bed:

  • Flat sheets.
  • Pillow covers.
  • Decorative blankets.

Once you have all this ready you can begin to make layers to enjoy a hotel-like feel.

Steps To Make A hotel like bed

  1. Lay a flat sheet over your mattress. Pull the sheet tightly and tuck its all sides underneath the mattress for a snug fit.
  2. Next, lay a light blanket over your flat sheet and secure it under the bed.
  3. Now, lay a duvet/ comforterover your blanket and place it such that it leaves a space of around two inches from your bed’s headboard. You can opt to hang over your comforter/duvet equally over both sides of the bed. Then, fold its upper end halfway to create a layered effect.
  4. Place large, fluffy pillows against the bed headboard. You can use two four pillows to pillows to accessorize your bed. After this, smooth the bed like a pro so that there are no visible wrinkles.
  5. For an authentic hotel experience spray some lavender or rose water, herbal scent over your bed.
  6. Place a bed scarf or colorful throw at the foot for a complete hotel-like look.
  7. You can also add a bed runner and if you have kids better add a kids carpetto infuse texture and colors in your bedroom interiors.

Some Additional Pro Tips

  • There is something pristine about all-white bedding. So to get that luxurious feel opt for all-white bedding. Crisp white sheets complemented by some maximalist, printed throw pillows will take your bed-making game to the next level.
  • A beautiful, bedside nightstand will help you keep your bedroom well-organized and will also work as an accent. And if there is ample space left deck up your nightstand with a ravishing small flower vase.


This is how you can accord your bed a perfect five-star finish. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave behind your personal preferences. You can still enjoy hotel-like luxury while providing your bedroom a personal touch. So, be it color, texture, material, or patterns you are free to add your aspect to enjoy a fulfilling experience.