The biggest concern for every parent is their child’s education and choosing the right school is a crucial step towards fulfilling their dreams. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when choosing the best school in Ahmedabad for your children.

So, what are the factors that you should consider for choosing the best high school?


Before looking at the schools, it is significant to first decide which curriculum of education would be perfect for your child. CBSE schools will be a good option if your child wants to appear for competitive exams in India because all major entrance exams in the country such as AIIMS and IIT JEE follow the NCERT syllabus. The curriculum across grades is arranged according to the framework approved by the Indian Government and is designed in a way that it prepares the students for these entrance exams.

ICSE curriculum is perfect for students who want to pursue Humanities as higher studies because it offers a lot of depth in these subjects. 

International curriculum is generally for students who are keen to go abroad for further studies. But, if you wish for your child to study in an international school offering an Indian curriculum like CBSE, there are schools like GIIS (Global Indian International school) which provide the same. International schools offer a more holistic experience for their students, which can be hugely beneficial for their career. There is diversity in the classrooms and the students learn how to perceive issues and things from multiple perspectives. The campus of such schools is very functional and equipped with a lot of facilities. It permits the students to maximise their potential with comfort. They aim to cultivate social, emotional, physical and intellectual development in their students. 


It is important to keep in mind that in addition to the school tuition fees, there will be other expenses over the course of the academic year. These other expenses would consist of transport fee, cafeteria fee, cost of class projects and field trips. It is necessary to consider all these costs when checking if the total fee is within your budget and for better planning. There are a lot of good high schools in all price ranges in Ahmedabad. You should also confirm whether the school has proper transportation facilities which are safe.


The school should have a safe and positive surrounding because your children spend a majority of their time there. The academic accomplishment of a school does not matter if it can’t ensure that your children are safe. Check if the safety precautions are in place at each school you have shortlisted. The school should have proper security and CCTV cameras in place. 


Get to know the teaching methodology. The teacher-student ratio should be small. Smaller the ratio, the better the education. The school has to be an environment where your children can grow and think innovatively. They should be taught to be creative and not depend on rote learning. 

Another very significant aspect to take into account when choosing a school is to see if the inherent value system of the school matches your beliefs. The school should be focused not only on imparting excellent academics but also believe in value-based education, where the development of the student’s morals is given equal importance. The values of honesty, discipline, teamwork and civic sense nurtured at a young age in school will be useful for students all through their life. 


GIIS, Ahmedabad is one of the best high schools for your children. It is a multi-award winning school offering a curriculum that cultivates 21st century skills. The teachers here teach with a very different approach that nurtures students to become citizens who can be innovative and work towards the betterment of the nation. 

The well-being of the students is GIIS’ most important priority and they strive to personalize the educational process to bring out the best in every learner. The children at GIIS are offered with all the modern facilities and latest infrastructure that helps them in the learning journey. Classrooms feature an open concept design which encourages team building and helps with the day-to-day discussion. In addition to that, their facilities are equipped with the latest technology that enhances the learning ability and makes education wholesome. The school believes in the fact that along with academic excellence, other aspects of growth such as skill development, sports excellence, leadership skills, artistic skills and universal values are also crucial for holistic development. 

Choosing the right school for your child can have a significant impact on how they grow up, so make sure to research well before deriving at a conclusion.