How Blister Barbie Doll Packaging Beautify the Product Showcase?

Blister Barbie Doll Packaging is a type of packaging that forms a bubble or pocket ‘blister’ by heating and molding a plastic sheet to cover the product completely.

A traditional Blister Barbie Doll Packaging is a face seal blister and has a cardboard back. Plastic blisters are place on the front of the cardboard to preserve and protect the product. 

What kind of Blister Packaging?

The common types of blister packaging are:

Bark seal on the face

Plastic blisters are wrap around the product, and the cardboard back is heat-seal. This type of blister packaging is relatively inexpensive and commonly used for large quantities of manufactured products.

Seal bark all over the face

Blisters make not only the full product but also the back of the card. The plastic is either heat-sealed on the card or bumped into extra pieces of plastic on each side. This type of blister boxes strengthens the packaging (for example, the corners are hard to bend) and look better.

Full card blister

Like the whole face seal blister, the blister covers the total size of the card. But instead of warmly stamping the card, the nipples are wrapp around it. The card slides, and sometimes a staple is insert into place.

Trapped Blister 

Trapped blisters are almost identical to traditional blister packets, but a piece of plastic that stick to cardboard has another piece of cardboard in front of it that fits in the form of a blister. The plastic is then attached between two pieces of cardboard. The top portion of the card is the duct where the shell product sits. Because no heat sealing methods are used in such blister packaging, it is cheaper to make them the way they do. Unfortunately, this is evidence of further tampering as it appears if the next cardboard has been torn. It looks better with a plastic cover as well.

Clam Shell

Hardened blister where two sides come together to form a box. Clamshell packaging is describe in more detail below.

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