Difference Between Real and Bot Followers on Instagram

There are two main differences between bot followers and real followers, which are two separate terms that Instagram users often hear today;

Instagram bot followers are Instagram accounts that are created in large numbers with special software, usually do not have profile photos, stories and pictures are not shared and are not used regularly by people. These Instagram accounts are profiles that automatically edit names, surnames, usernames and preferable biographies with software that works so fast that people cannot do it manually, and thousands of bot accounts can be created within an hour.

Mass production accounts created by bots are usually created to support social media campaigns. If your followers are bots, the number of interactions of your posts does not change, it only affects the number of followers in terms of appearance.

Real Instagram followers are actually divided into two. The first is the accounts that normally have a profile photo, shared regularly and used by people. If your followers made up of these top-notch accounts, your posts will get engagement and not only look but also take you far in the Instagram world in terms of popularity.
 The second is actually bot accounts. This second type created for the purpose of producing real-looking accounts, reducing the production capacity of the software.

The mentioned software adds profile photos, bio and in some cases auto story and normal sharing while creating these takeout accounts.

What is the Use of Buying Instagram Followers?

When searching for a profile in the Instagram search engine, the profiles at the top, excluding the ones you follow, are the ones with the highest number of followers. It is very critical to exceeding the 10 thousand followers limit set by Instagram in order to add links to the stories of users who want to rise in the rankings, increase sales on commercial profiles or make money by advertising on their personal profiles.

In addition, those who want to create eye-catching profiles by increasing the number of followers of their profiles buy followers. However, he has bot followers, mostly celebrities ( Taylor Swift 46% ). In addition, it is an effective method to increase sales on Instagram.

Buying real Instagram followers preferred to ensure that your posts receive likes, comments, views and other interactions, in addition to the ones mentioned above. In fact, sharing your posts by real followers can earn you an extra organic follower.

Is It Safe To Buy Instagram Followers?

Purchasing followers is illegal, as the Instagram community guidelines state. However, Instagram cannot automatically restrict accounts because their followers cannot distinguish whether they posted by you or by others. In this respect, there is a 99% probability that you will not have a problem.

But, in some cases, there will be people who will ask you for the password of your account. And you should not trust these people. You do not need to access your password or profile to increase your follower count. If you do not want to receive thousands of follow requests on your profile. You can make your profile public and increase your number of followers. By purchasing followers with peace of mind.

How to Buy Instagram Followers?

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