Defining abortion

Before deciding what is life and what is not, you must study embryology. Life is not born from an explosion and a magic wand. It is continuously present in the form of an egg and a sperm. These entities are alive and anything you do to prevent their survival is an abortion.

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If left to nature, at puberty, men and women would have sex, the sperm would join the egg and the embryo would develop. As ontogony recapitulates philogony, the embryo will take many forms until it becomes a baby capable of surviving in the outside world (viability).

Anything you do to disrupt this process is abortive by definition.

If you spill semen on the floor, wear a condom, use spermicide, use a diaphragm, have a tubal ligation, or frankly just abstain from sex because you are lazy or scared or even because you think it’s wrong without a prenup in your hands, you are creating a barrier so that the sperm cannot reach the egg. The sperm is necessary for the egg to survive, just as the egg is necessary for the sperm to survive. Therefore, you are killing the very entities that are essential to the development of the human being. This is an abortion by definition.

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With an IUD, you allow the sperm to reach the egg, but you alter the lining of the uterus, poisoning the implantation site so that the egg-sperm combination cannot nestle into the uterine wall and survive. This is an abortion by definition.

Surgical abortion occurs after allowing the egg-sperm combination to implant in the uterine wall. Essentially, all of these actions have the same result: the destruction of the egg, sperm or their combination. In fact, selectively trying to inject sperm into the female at a time when you know the egg cannot accept sperm is an indirect stab at abortion. This is called timing.

So is abstinence after puberty.

The marriage contract was really an attempt to determine when and if you could have children.

Basically, it said: before you sign a binding contract creating an intact family unit, make sure you do everything possible to prevent the egg and sperm from surviving.

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The truth is that random pregnancies do not serve an advanced civilization well. The time and place of birth must have some degree of predictability. Otherwise, it’s chaos. Can you imagine, with all the turmoil and rebellion we are experiencing in the United States today, what would have happened in the last 45 years if the nation had been burdened with 60-70 million unwanted children, most of whom would be dysfunctional, uneducated, hostile and resentful. I don’t even want to think about that.

Now you can argue that human life begins at conception. What is conception?

When the sperm physically approaches the egg, each carrying its haploid number of chromosomes, is that conception? Or does the sperm have to bump into the egg for this to happen, even though it retains its integrity like the egg. Or must it penetrate the zona pellucida and enter the cytoplasm of the egg? Must it migrate to the nucleus of the egg or penetrate the nuclear wall? Or does conception take place when the sperm DNA begins to line up next to the egg DNA? Or when half the DNA is aligned?

What about three quarters or all but one of the nucleotides that make up the DNA of your genes and chromosomes? Or is it only when each of them is aligned to create a diploid number of chromosomes, necessary for further embryological development?

Or is it when the egg-sperm combination gives rise to two or four cells or the morula, etc. etc. etc.? The fact is that there is no POOF !!!!, one second it is nothing and the next second it is a human being. The development of a viable human being is a gradual and continuous process and any interruption in this process is by definition an abortion.

Abstinence, pacing, barriers, etc. are all methods used to interrupt the developmental process of human beings and many of these methods are advocated and supported by the so-called anti-abortionists. In summary, at best, the entire anti-abortion movement is a self-deception of the uneducated and ignorant. At worst, it is a veiled plan.