Complete Guide to Take Advantage of Instagram’s Studio Creator


We have great news for all Instagram influencers and content creators:

The geniuses of Instagram have launched their new Creator Studio feature, a powerful feature that in combination with other marketing tools can help you boost your account engagement.

When we say that it is a tool from heaven, we are not exaggerating, since Creator Studio is designed to help you manage and optimize your content, offer you useful information and also help you monetize your content. Whether you are starting from scratch or have decided to buy an Instagram account that you want to boost, you will have several services at your disposal in IncrementoSocial to make the most of this new Instagram feature.

Creator Studio was only available for Facebook Fanpage and it was something Instagram users have been waiting for – until now! With Creator Studio you will have several functions and tools at your disposal for a more efficient management of your Instagram account, including the option to schedule IGTV videos.

If this has aroused your curiosity, we invite you to continue reading our quick guide in which you will learn the most essential of Creator Studio.

What is Creator Studio?
How to link your account to Creator Studio?
How will Creator Studio help you improve your content?

Instagram Creator Studio: What is it?

The Creator application was born as a function of Facebook pages in 2017 with the intention of helping influencers, brands and content creators to manage their presence on Facebook efficiently. In 2018 this application evolved to Creator Studio with several improvements to optimize the content within the platform and little by little they were incorporating different profiles, messaging services and different tools that would help to gain more audience for the pages.

Now Creator Studio comes to Instagram with the same premise: help creators and social media managers to manage and monetize their profiles on both platforms.

But who is a creator?

In social networks, creators are all those who publish original content on their social profiles with the intention of promoting a profile, a brand or a product. While the tool has some restrictions when it comes to analytics, it makes up for them with its abilities to coordinate teamwork and visual content production, both crucial to any Instagram or Facebook strategy.

How do you link your Instagram account and Creator Studio?

The first thing you should do to start enjoying the features of Creator Studio is to link your Instagram account. Here we explain how:

Make sure your Instagram account and your Facebook page are linked to each other. Also, you must confirm that your account is a commercial or creator profile.

After confirming these two aspects, open Creator Studio on your computer and click on the Instagram icon at the top of the page. When you do, one of these things will happen:

  • If your Facebook page is linked to your Instagram account, it will show you the profile in which you will use it. Click and you will complete the link.
  • If you don’t have a Facebook page linked to your Instagram profile, click on the “Connect with Instagram” option and follow the instructions to link both accounts.
  • If you are using a Facebook page linked to a different Instagram account than the one you will use, click on “Connect with another Instagram account. Follow the instructions to link.
  • If you manage multiple connected accounts, Facebook and Instagram, linked to each other, click “Continue with linked accounts.”

After you have verified that the accounts are linked correctly, you will be able to use Creator Studio for your Instagram account.

How will Creator Studio help me to be a better content creator?

By using Creator Studio, content creators looking to grow their audience and gain more engagement will have the answer to this question. Creator Studio gives you complete control of your Instagram posts, as well as some very useful information about your audience.

Here’s all the ways Creator Studio will help you optimize the way you create content:

The Instagram Content Library will be at your disposal to manage your content:

The Instagram Content Library tab shows you a kind of summary of all the content that you have published in your account: photos, videos, albums, IGTV and stories.

You can even click on each post to get detailed information about its performance. This information will allow you to know how many people saw your publication, from what device they did it and how was their interaction.

Post content on Instagram and IGTV:

When working on content creation for networks you will appreciate the tools that Studio Creator offers for your publications and IGTV. Creator Studio allows you to control both types of content in the same place, for both Instagram and Facebook.

You just have to click on “Create Post”, set the date and time you want them to be published and wait for the world to see your post.

Follow Instagram statistics

In addition to being able to schedule publications, you will have a statistics tab that will help you analyze how effective your publications have been in relation to the interaction of your followers. However, you should keep in mind that Creator Studio can only show statistics for the last week in progress, while other platforms can show up to 3 months of statistics.

In addition, this tab allows you to know the way in which your audience has interacted with your publication, as well as record the reach and impressions of your content.


There is no doubt that Creator Studio will be a powerful complement to the strategies of Instagram content creators, helping them reach a greater number of people and build a strong presence within the platform. In addition, in Buy Instagram Followers UK you will have a complete service to help you optimize each of the aspects of having a well-established Instagram account.

Our services have been tried and tested by hundreds of influencers to boost their accounts, generate engagement and gain followers interested in your content. Stay tuned for the articles on our blog, we constantly publish information about new tools, tips and tricks to help you grow in networks.