Common Car Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions

In Brisbane, you may have to use a car air heater or air conditioner as the weather changes month after month. There are situations when you have to use the air conditioner of your car all day long depending on the time of your journey. Afternoons can get especially hot in the summer season for Brisbane drivers; a splash of cool air is necessary to keep your senses working great; that is why an air conditioner is something you cannot live without.

Luckily, when your car goes out of order, and the month of July brings cold winds from outside, then there is no tension in fixing the air conditioner right away. However, as opposed to winter, the temperatures will keep rising in the summer. Unfortunately, many car drivers and family owners do not know how to handle the air conditioner problems. There can be dozens of reasons why your car’s air conditioner can stop while you are driving. However, these problems can be fixed easily.

Let us show you how some common car air conditioner problems can be fixed. So, let us go straight to the point.

Problem 1: No Cool Air Coming from the AC

Since a car’s air conditioner is made of many different components such as a compressor that requires engine power to work properly, most commonly, drivers face problems in the compressor of an air conditioner. Moreover, there is an expansion valve that regulates the flow of refrigerants; and two heat exchangers including the evaporator and the condenser.

Air conditioner also works with the help of a refrigerant that is composed of a fluid that turns into a gas and back to liquid form, flowing throughout the system. So, when the refrigerant leaks, no cold air comes out of your air conditioner. This is the common problem many car drivers face in Brisbane car removal when the heat of summer becomes unbearable.

Since your parts rely heavily on refrigerant to cool the vehicle; without sufficient refrigerant, the other parts of the air conditioner will be impossible to function.

The solution to this problem is simple. Let us show you. If you take your car to an expert auto technician, he will probably tell you to add a fluorescent leak tracer dye and refrigerant to your car’s system. Using a backlight, when the dye is added, the technician will then start the air conditioner and identify the source of leakage. That will serve as a starting point of repairs of you. Later, you can perform evacuation and restart the air conditioner to enjoy cold blows of air.

Problem 2: No Air Coming from Vents of Air Conditioner

Hot air usually comes through the vents. Hiring an expert can help to solve the problem. However, you can check several components yourself. Start with checking a blown fuse; it a fuse is blown, there will be no power to the blower motor. It will prevent air from blowing through the vents. Similar, a gone wrong relay can also be a headache because it takes current and uses this current to regulate the larger current for the ventilation process.

The second thing you can observe is the damage to blower motor. This motor plays a vital role in posing the air through the vents in your vehicle. It is much like a fan installed in your living room. However, with wear and tear and time, blower motors often go weak with excessive use of the AC.

Moreover, you should also check for damaged belts and hoses. The system is equipped with many hoses and belts that operate the system. Any sort of leak or detachment or blockage can prevent proper airflow from the air conditioner vents.

So, what is the solution for this problem No. 2? You have to replace the relay or the fuses first. If the issue continues, you will have to take your car’s air conditioner to an expert AC professional so they check the other components that maybe corrupt the ventilation system.

Problem 3: The Air does not Get Cold Enough

When the car AC provides cool air but it does not get as cold as you may want it to be, this issue can represent a low refrigerant problem. This means that there is not enough refrigerant in your AC system and it is also preventing the clutch from triggering the compressor’s

In this situation, make sure that you check two things or get them checked by an AC professional. The first thing is to see whether you have a blocked or failed air condenser. The second thing to check if you have a failed clutch switch. If these components are not working well, then take it to a technician to test these components for optimum performance.