What does a Janitorial do for a commercial cleaning service?

Janitorial cleaning service is related to commercial property cleaning, including offices, educational institutes, medical hospitals, and industries cleaning. Some janitorial services may also include the maintenance of the property. Those people who do their work under this category are known as janitors. If you hire janitorial commercial cleaning services, you must understand what janitorial commercial cleaning services will do for you?

A janitorial cleaning service is liable for the cleaning and maintaining of buildings used for commercial purposes. They also do some security tasks and duties for your commercial building with cleaning and maintenance. The purpose and responsibilities of janitorial commercial cleaning services include cleaning indoor and outdoor commercial buildings such as schools, offices, hospitals, and other private or public facilities.

Most of the time, they do indoor cleaning tasks, but they can also do outdoor jobs. The outdoor duties include cleaning lawns, walking paths, and outdoor dust bins. Janitorial commercial cleaning service mostly choose to do their tasks in the evening so that all the people are gone from the building and can do their jobs efficiently.

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  • Janitorial commercial cleaning services have to maintain the status of your commercial building. They will do some repairments such as replacing light bulbs or some small repairments.
  • Suppose the janitorial commercial cleaning services play their role in schools and hospitals. Their duties will include sweeping, dusting furniture and equipment, vacuuming the carpets, mopping the floor, carry out the waste from dust bins, and resolving minor issues.
  • The responsibilities of janitorial commercial cleaning services may also include the early locking and opening of the commercial buildings
  • They will also check the washroom’s availability in the bathroom, such as toilet paper, soap, towels, etc.
  • If there are trees in your commercial building, then janitorial commercial cleaning services will also take care of your braid and will trim your trees when required.
  • Janitorial commercial cleaning service will also do the weekly or seasonal cleaning of utilities such as smoke detectors, air conditioners, fireplaces, etc.
  • They can also perform some minor repairs, such as if there is any leakage in the water pipes, they can fix that leakage. If there are any fault indoor and windows, then the janitors will repair them if they can do so. 
  • The janitorial commercial cleaning services cleaners know cleaning procedures. They have the experience of working with their equipment and maintaining the commercial building’s function properly.
  • The janitorial commercial cleaning services cleaners also know safety procedures. They know how to handle the chemicals of cleaning
  • The janitorial commercial cleaning services will clean each and part of your commercial building. They will lift heavy objects and will clean the floor underneath. They have the experience of bending and standing for an extended period for cleaning.
  • A janitorial commercial cleaning service will clean your commercial building regularly. The janitorial commercial cleaning service cleaners know how to keep up their tasks.

What are the responsibilities of a janitor? 

The qualities of the janitors are that they are physically strong and mentally prepare for their jobs. They have good mechanical skills and know the handling of tools, are well educated about the precautions and safety measures of using chemicals.

 There are many responsibilities on the shoulders of a janitor. The essential tasks and duties a janitor will perform are:

  • Cleaning of building floors. They will sweep, mop, wax, or vacuum them regularly. 
  • If there is a lawn, they will mow lawns, cut grasses and trim the trees present in that garden or yard. 
  • They will do the regular cleaning and dusting of office furniture such as tables, chairs, and desks and will also do cleaning appliances such as printers, computers, keyboards, mice, etc. 
  • They will clean the windows and doors of your commercial building regularly. If there is glass in your building, they will clean the windows with a small amount of detergent and a watery sponge to remove all the spots from the mirror of the window. 
  • The janitors also know plumbing and electrical repairments. They will repair on their own if there is any fault in the heating and cooling system of the commercial building. 
  • They will keep an eye on the cleaning products required for the cleaning. If any product is missing or finished, they will take a new one. 
  • They will regularly clean and empty the dust bins so that no foul odor spread around the commercial building. Also, it will help you to stay safe from germs and diseases. 
  • They will take care of the building and ensure that there are no unsafe materials or equipment in the building. 
  • Janitorial cleaning services cleaners will clean your building with chemicals, and they know the handling of these chemicals. They also make sure that there is no mishap due to these chemicals. 
  • Janitors will also secure the building by locking the doors on time. They will store the keys and protect your commercial buildings from mishaps. 
  • If some have spilled something on the floor, the janitorial cleaning services will clean the bottom on the spot to avoid injuries and mishaps. 
  • If there are any severe problems or damages in the commercial building, they will immediately talk about it to the supervisor or the building manager.  
  • Janitorial commercial cleaning companies use several manuals and mechanical machines in their work. The use of devices while cleaning will enhance the cleaning effect and make your building shiny and glossy.

Why Choose GlowUpClean for Cleaning Service?

Cleaning is an essential part of life. Like food, water, and air cleaning, it is now a vital factor in our lives. If we want to live a healthy and safe life, we have to clean and germless environment. If you are interested in cleansing your commercial building done by janitorial commercial cleaning services, you can hire GlowUpClean janitors for this purpose. Our janitors will do all the responsibilities as described above.