Altcoins Melt Markets With Their Bull Rallies, What have we missed? 



The crypto market has been highly volatile. Also, Altcoins and the hype around the bull rallies are sometimes unbelievable. The market always swings around the price fluctuations sometimes they are up by more than their previous Alltime high and sometimes theta re lower than the all-time low. But in between these fluctuations deciding and entering into the market at the best price becomes quite tricky, And some of the potential coins like BTT, Digibyte, Etc, and Doge all had their way to rally but most of the traders could not get it into it at the right time. 


Let’s check the facts we missed about the altcoins rally. In mid of 2021 the hype around Dogecoin, the meme coin had attracted a lot of new traders. This coin was in setting all new trends followed by the Elons appearance in the famous comedy show Saturday night Live.
Before the rally, the coin was the hot topic for discussion on social platforms like twitter.


Despite being the meme coin, Doge has the potential to return over more than 1000% of your investments. Famous Celebrity Elon Musk, has a vital role to play in pumping and dumping these alts. The craze around ELons appearance at SNL made the coin pump more than 400% but when the doge father termed it “Hustle” the coin plunged heavily. 


Now let’s see how ETC  performed in the last bull cycle. In the recent Crypto survey Conducted by Benzinga when asked “ if you have $1000 to buy at the dip what altcoins would you choose to invest”. Ethereum Classic was one of the third most voted among the other altcoins.

ETC came along the Ethereum in 2016. While ETH is heading towards a proof-of-stake model, ETC is set to retain a proof-of-work mechanism.  Ethereum Classic has a fixed supply capped at 210 million ETC, There is no doubt the ETC prices can surprise us with new all-time highs in every bull cycle. In mid-2021 ETC had hit its ALL time high after a long gap since then the bulls haven’t failed surprisingly. 


Digibyte hasn’t outperformed so far in the year 2021. But  I think we spend most of our time, or I spend most of my time, looking into a lot of the Defi plays and proof-of-stake plays because I think that there’s a lot of compelling reasons to look at that and where the crypto world is headed.


Digibyte is interesting in that it’s a proof-of-work platform network. It’s similar to Bitcoin ( BTC -2.35% ) in that regard, but it’s an interesting one to look at when you compare it to Bitcoin or other proof-of-work cryptocurrencies in that it’s a unique three-layer cryptocurrency. Its focus is on security.

One of the biggest reasons why traders would stick to Digibyte.

Surprisingly BTT bulls haven’t come into action since the bull rally in 2020. Does that mean the coin is a dead investment not really? BitTorrent seems to be very promising in the long run.


BitTorrent price trends at $0.003155 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $394,672,252 USD. BitTorrent has been up 1.13% in the last 24 hours. 


The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #56, with a live market cap of $3,123,147,291 USD. It has a circulating supply of 990,000,000,000 BTT coins and the max. Supply is not available. A  lot of traders couldn’t grab it before the rally in August 2020  and investment looks risky and unworthy, this isn’t true 


But the bears have taken over these altcoins. Looks like the market might flip soon and the same alts might be seen with a huge demand flow. Get set for a new alt season in the year 2022.





Web 3.0: The Web Transition Is Talk of the town? 



“Web” refers to the World Wide Web (“WWW”), the internet’s core information retrieval system. The synonym “www” used to (and often still does) preface a web address and was one of the first characters typed into a Web browser when searching for a specific resource online. 


Web 3.0 is the next iteration of the world wide web and the talk of the town. This shift from Web 1.0,2.0 to web 3.0  could be a potentially disruptive move over the internet. Undoubtedly the shift has become more adaptive and obvious these days for an outline that,  “Web 3.0 is Decentralized and come with a  Bottom-up Design” 


When Web 1.0 was the age to retrieve static pages, web 2.0 was a paradigm for a shift of the internet to mobile users and social media. Though web 2.0 had seen immense popularity and adoption over the past two decades web 3.0 was also adopted by the industries, for a reason that, It was built on core concepts of decentralization, openness, and greater user utility. 


What Changes can we see with Web 3.0?  


A lot of blockchain companies are going to lead the evolution, through one or the other solutions. Ere this, a lot of payments would be moved through credit cards, Paypal, and many other payment gateways. Such payment companies were responsible for the movement of money from the remitter to the receiver. Keeping the thefts track as well with the transactions    


With these payment gateways, the cost of transacting from one person to another cost high. Under such a situation transactions on cryptocurrency emerged with ease. With Cryptocurrency adoption all major security concerns and the cost of the transaction will also be a bit lower.


Some of the currencies that are currently being used around the world include Monero, Bitcoin, Cardano, Litecoin, and Stellar. All these Cryptocurrencies have their own fundamentals, pros, and cons. 


But here is one of the most interesting one :


Stellar is an open network that facilitates storing and moving of money. The platform’s aim was to encourage financial inclusion by helping out the world’s unbanked people. However, later its priorities shifted to reach out to the financial institution’s bridge with one another via blockchain technology.


The network has its own native token Stellar Lumens (XLM) that acts as a bridge that makes the platform cost-efficient to trade tokens across the globe. This solves the existing problems associated with payment providers who often charge huge fees for similar kinds of services.


To utilize these cryptos as the payment methods and don’t trade one can have it in the wallet and not trade it on the exchanges like wazirx, bitfinex.  This means you will still be able to use the methods that you are used to, rather than trading on the crypto exchanges that have been all over the place recently on the value of the coins. 


While web 2.0 was an ear of mobile internet and social media, will it be used after implementing blockchain solutions? 


A platform “steemit” driven by blockchain technology. Steemit is going to be the solution with its blockchain technology that is leading the way in social media development to web 3.0. This platform is one that has its own model that the creators of the content are curated by a group of peers. When the content gets upvoted by having good quality, it is going to cause a microtransaction of Steem, which is the currency that is used here.

With solutions like cryptocurrency and steemit, the world amid web 3.0 is going to be more secure and scandal-free.


In states of expanding worldwide rivalry, requests and needs of purchasers, quality and quality administration have become basic philosophy elements of accomplishing productivity and seriousness on the constant the travel industry market. Any genuine “top” inn the board, with a characterized mission, vision and objectives, should characterize a “extraordinary strategy” of working on the nature of inn benefits through “underlying projects of value improvement,” which have turned into a significant factor in the lodging industry. With the plan, presentation and control of a “exceptional program” of value improvement of lodging administrations, inn the executives can emphatically affect expanding fulfilment of clients and HR, expanding seriousness and market force of the inn, the legitimization of working expenses and upgrade the standing and brand worth of the inn on the requesting traveller market.

Generally speaking current business and the travel industry advancement reasoning is direct towards vacationers, visitors and purchasers and fulfilling their requirements and wants. Current friendliness is recognized from other related exercises in the circle of giving convenience through persistent upkeep of the nature of administrations and presentation of new sorts of administrations that are not trait of the cordiality business, all to build the nature of fundamental administrations of convenience and address the issues of the cutting edge shoppers (clients). Endurance of the lodging business in the requesting and dynamic market and raising the degree of seriousness relies upon working on the nature of inn items and administrations. Inn organizations that are centered around quality, and along these lines the fulfilment of their visitors, can be effective in the requesting vacationer market.

The idea of current inn industry incorporates all travel industry substances that give food and convenience to visitors and different administrations for traveller utilization, and are coordinated in an assortment of types of organizations that work together to address the issues and wishes of the purchaser (client) and accomplish the put forward financial objectives and the most ideal business results. ‘Inn business, in a financial way in the economic situations to accomplish business impacts, offers convenience and other inn neighbourliness administrations, which it uses to address the issues and thought processes of visitors and guests, and to guarantee the way of life for its staff and the board

During brief stay in lodgings at the picked objective, inn industry offers sightseers rest and unwinding, empowers money managers to make business contacts, makes fundamental conditions for members of meetings, classes and different other expert, logical and political get-togethers, empowers guests to finding out with regards to the normal and social attractions and chronicled landmarks and food and drink administrations for the nearby individuals, just as different diversion offices.’ Inn industry, just as present day financial movement, is critical driver of monetary turn of events, particularly in lacking and agricultural nations. In achieving its capacities, the inn business is connected to numerous others. Financial exercises (exchange, transport, industry, vacationer agencies…), and varies from different businesses in that it offers its types of assistance in explicit offices.

Patterns winning in the requesting traveller market decide patterns in the cutting edge inn industry which can be summed up in the accompanying general patterns; changing necessities of customers, states of work and life, lifetime expansion, development of level of data and computerization, more prominent need to defend (wellbeing, spa, natural food), the accentuation on environment and good food, stay in the unadulterated nature, developing interest for experience offices and fervour, visiting significant occasions (brandishing, social, strict, business, and so forth), and new travel inspirations. Inn proposition ought to continually concentrate on these patterns and adjust to the requests, wishes and needs of current purchasers (clients).

If you are looking best hotel management institute in Trivandrum, then visit the official website of UEI Global Education.

Types‌ ‌of‌ ‌Accounts‌ ‌in‌ ‌Crypto‌ ‌Trading‌ ‌Platform‌ ‌

(crypto‌ trading‌ platform‌) If you interested in cryptocurrency, you must have heard the word blockchain. The concept of this digital currency has taken over people’s minds since its invention. The idea of using technology to securely store and transfer money is revolutionary. Many people have chosen to invest in cryptocurrency. Because it is widely known that it has the potential for large returns. Before you get started, however, there are still some things. That need to be considered very carefully before you open your wallet.

Types of Crypto Trading Accounts:

The first thing you need to consider is the type of account you want and look at crypto trading platforms. The most common types are individual and professional accounts.

Individual Accounts:

This one has a simple interface, easy to use when buying or selling currency on that platform. Because it only requires your name, email address and phone number. This type of account can opened in just a few minutes with the minimum information required.

Individual accounts are suitable for those who trade cryptocurrency as a hobby. Many people choose this because they do not have much knowledge about trading currency online. So, they fear making mistakes when choosing an advanced trading system.

Professional Accounts:

If you have already been experienced at cryptocurrency investment. Then opening an advanced trading system based on technology with this type of account will be more advantageous. This is because there are many features that are not available in the basic version. For example, you can use the leveraged commercial to increase your investment. By an impressive ratio without having to settle all funds you’ve invested yourself.

Some other that should also considered. When opening a professional account are withdrawals up to 5 times per day, options for trading multiple currencies and other crypto coins. As well as traders who have passed KYC verification so they can deposit their money directly without having to pass through another person.

This type of account has its advantages over individual accounts but also has some drawbacks since it requires permission from the management team before being able to withdraw funds or transfer currencies.

Crypto‌ trading‌ platform‌:

It is up to you which type of account you want to open on a trading platform because both have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, if you are new to the world of cryptocurrency investment, opening an individual account with basic features is more appropriate so it will be easier for you when managing your funds.

One other that must taken into consideration: most platforms operating in the world of cryptocurrency only allow users to open individual accounts except for those who can prove their identity with documents such as KTP, identification cards, and even family books (SBP). This means that if you want to open a professional account, the above-mentioned documents must presented and verified by the platform’s management team before able to open an advanced trading system.

Cryptocurrency investment is still new in the world of business and transaction, therefore there are no terms and conditions that have been set by a particular platform.

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Gaming Trends on Fubar News

The gaming industry has exploded into a hot topic over the past few years, and it has become very competitive. This has resulted in many different avenues for information to get out there. Gaming news sites are amongst the most popular on the Internet today. They are trendy. Check all the trending news of gaming on fubar news. What a great way to see what the hot gaming buzz is all about.

The gaming news portals on the Internet today get their news straight from the top gaming companies. They first get all the rumors out on the web before they put them on air. You can expect to hear all kinds of stories and leaks here. Rumors rampant and often fact-checked by the news organizations who run the news portals. This gives you a good idea of what said behind the scenes, but it is ultimately up to you to read what you want and let the stories develop themselves.

The gaming news is a highly vibrant subject in online discussion forums as well. There are gaming discussion forums that discuss and analyze all the trends of gaming. Be careful, though. Some are designed to use deception and other illegal methods to get to your e-mails or passwords. They are also not to be trusted.

This is an excellent way to be first with all the big plans and announcements concerning new games and things like that. This is one of the best places to be first to learn about the upcoming big news in gaming. You may also find some information that is critical to your success online or offline. Gaming news is an unbelievably vast subject with so many different angles to it.

Take, for instance, all the trends of gaming on fubar news now involve online auctions. People who enjoy buying and selling value items have found this to be very lucrative over the past few years. The great thing about this type of gaming news is that it is constantly changing. You have to keep updating yourself about the latest online auction trends.

If you are fond of hunting for rare video games, be sure to subscribe to the various game news mailing lists that offer such services or visit 토토사이트. The gaming news will tell you which websites offer special deals that are only available on specific sites. You will then know where to go and buy these rare video games at a significantly reduced price. Another thing to consider when looking for the trends of gaming on fubar news is the video game magazines. Many of the larger ones offer reviews of recent games and an archive of past issues that you can look at for making comparisons.

Gaming Trends

When you are looking for gaming trends on fubar news, remember to keep an eye on news outlets from your area. For example, if you live in the northwest part of Montana, you may want to look at gaming news websites that cover that region. Also, check online auction sites like eBay because they often post news of their home page’s latest video game releases. You can even use video game magazines like Game Rank to keep up with all the hottest new releases.

Gaming news websites are constantly changing, so make sure to keep up with them and look for any signs of improvement or decline in the industry. It’s a never-ending process. New games developed, old games get remade, and old games get remade again. The world of gaming is constantly changing and evolving, so make sure to follow all the gaming trends on fubar news.

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Best Methods of Learning spelling for grade 7 easily

The best thing about learning spelling for grade 7 words is also the same thing that makes seventh-grade language arts so great: usefulness. For the very first time, studying English isn’t only for the sake of learning. The skills kids acquire in seventh grades, such as spelling, are crucial in everyday life for regular people.

They’ll begin accumulating information and drawing their judgments about essential topics, the types of subjects about which people have differing viewpoints. Indeed, you’ll want to emphasize upon your children the value of what they study on their future selves if you want them to get something out of middle school.

Sure, persuading pupils that what they’re learning in class has real-world implications is difficult at any age, but it’s never been more so for kindergarten through seventh-grade students. They’re growing up, and their spelling abilities will reflect this. They are, in a sense, becoming individuals. When they figure out who those people are, they become introspective detectives. It’s an exciting moment for everyone.

The Case of the Missing Syllable:

The seventh-grade sight words test that already have lost a syllable are perhaps the most difficult to grasp. Some people will recognize the letters in several of the terms. However, history has chosen to obscure them for whatever reason, keeping them so impossible to spell that children will have to rely on rote memorization. After all, kids haven’t graduated from middle school yet.

Straight As in Spelling Words in Seventh Grade:

In English, the letter “A” is now the most frequent. It also makes a plethora of noises. What a difference an “A” can make. It will explore every form of “A” sound in seventh grade, and children will know them up, down, and forwards and backward. It will also be their most treasured letter.

Examine the following terms to see how they differ:

  • Atheist
  • Argument
  • Amateur
  • Achievement

It’s our responsibility to find out why every word has a distinct sounding “A,” although there are some helpful guidelines.

You obtain “A,” such as the one in “atheist” when   “E” comes the opposite side of the consonant cluster.

In the word “argument,” a “R” following the “A” frequently results in a lengthy “A” sound.

An “A” before an “M” sounds a lot like “amethyst” and “amateur.”

An “A” proceeding a “C” spells as a schwa, as in “accommodate” and “accomplish.”

After all, rules of thumb are only helpful in a pinch, but they’re a decent place to start when trying to figure out how words sound.

Unfortunately, whenever it comes to getting double consonants, there isn’t any rhyme or reason. Some professors may attempt to explain regulations to them, but rules are merely guides, but the force is the only way to conquer a barrier. Students should jot down any words with double consonants they come across and review the terms they already know. If they keep going, they’ll have amassed a sizable vocabulary.

Spellers in Grade 7: Some Pointers:

The seventh grade prepares students for both middle and high school. As a result, the information gathered throughout this academic year is quite valuable. Students in the seventh grade must be proficient in both writing and speaking. Students learn much new vocabulary in seventh grade, but many have a hard time spelling them correctly. The following are some strategies that will assist many seventh-graders in learning the spelling of both complicated and straightforward words.

Separate them into sections:

If a word is lengthy and difficult to spell, break it down into two or three sections and spell each portion independently. Finally, you’ll be able to join the wording of each section to spell the entire word. For example, the term personification is tricky for seventh graders to spell, but they may simplify it by breaking it into components, such as per-son-if-action. As a result, breaking down phrases into pieces is a valuable strategy for seventh-graders.

Every day, I learn a few new things:

It recommends that you acquire a few words each day, including their sounds, spellings, and meanings, to increase your vocabulary and spelling abilities through Make an effort to incorporate these new vocabulary concepts into your routine. Also, keep in mind that learning more than 10 words every day might be confusing.

Concentrate on the words you misspell:

Go through your past projects or other written material and establish a list of the terms you often misspell. Please continue to review these words until you have a firm grasp of their spellings.

Spelling Games to Play:

Because seventh graders like games, educators must use word games to teach children unfamiliar phrases and spellings. Playing spelling and other internet spelling multiplayer games will assist them in learning new words more quickly and allow them to enjoy the process.

BBA From Lovely Professional University


The LPU distance BBA education is much more popular. And BBA is known as Bachelor of Business Administration. As the BBA full form suggests. Therefore The LPU distance BBA program designed to impart adequate.

  • Business administration skills to the candidates.
  • So, Bachelor of Business Administration program are principles of management.
  • So, Macroeconomics, human behavior and ethics at the workplace, management accounting, banking, and insurance.
  • The Bachelor of Business Administration program is very market and industry-aligned.

So, an applicants after finishing the program get good BBA-related jobs.

The average LPU distance BBA income ranges from INR 2,50,000 to 10,00,000. Therefore a Bachelor of Business Administration. So, an applicant do higher studies in MBA with several specializations, example. MBA in Finance, MBA in HR, MBA in Marketing, and many others.

All Information About BBA

BBA is called Bachelor of Business Administration. So, BBA program deals with all knowledge, information, and training in management. And administration of trading by imparting managerial.

Therefore entrepreneurial skills to management aspirants. Because any stream such Science, commerce, or arts.
But Bachelor of Business Administration imparts entrepreneurship skills.

So, BBA course program provides specializations in Human Resources, Finance, and marketing.

The procedure of BBA Admission(LPU distance BBA)

So, Applicants who wish to study BBA courses can get admission to any LPU distance BBA College. Institute, or university. The procedure of BBA admission is of 2 types-entrance. Therefore Exams-based and gets direct admission. So, Most colleges, institutes, universities take in candidates through. Therfore, that the percentage secured by the candidate in class 12th.
So, Any candidate can take direct admission for the course. Therfore College, institute, or university based on the marks. secured by the applicant at the secondary level 12th.

So, Candidate from any stream with least 50% marks in her/his apply in LPU distance BBA College. Therfore Institute, university admission 2021 India.

Institute, or university admission 2021 across India.

There are national-level entrance exams, tests for all candidates all over India. So, BBA entrance exams are UPSEE, IPU CET, MUMCET, and many more. Lovely Professional University is very well- reputed in our country. LPU recognized by the UGC. Situated in Jalandhar, Punjab which is accessible from the entire country.
The procedure of application of these tests. Or exams usually brings in April-May every year.

LPU distance BBA Provides a lot of Jobs and Placements

LPU distance BBA program includes Job positions example. Business development executive, executive assistant, marketing executive, and many others.

  • BBA income ranges from INR 3 Lakhs to INR 7 Lakhs.
  • BBA range of management courses or programs is developing day by day.

On completion, there are great opportunities for jobs/work in the industrial world. In the sector of business management, you can reach the top designation, in a speedy time. It opens several career paths in the future.

The package of initiatives all over India is around Rs. 2 to Rs. 3 lacs per annum after Bachelor of Business Administration. After completing BBA, candidates have lots of opportunities to take their career forward.

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Find programming help online from pro programmers

The global technology industry continues to expand at an incredible rate, seemingly unstoppable and immune to the bumps in the road that other economic sectors face. As the technology market expands, so does the demand for talent. Tech companies around the world are desperate for qualified software engineers, and this rising demand encourages an increasing number of people to learn to code and enter the profession.(online programmers)

Computer programmers

Computer programmers are in charge of analysing the needs of their clients. They then create, test, and refine software to fulfil those requirements. Computer programmers will also use their skills to ensure that the software meets industry standards and best practises in terms of performance, dependability, and security. They plan each piece of work with the help of other designers and programmers. This article gives a quick overview on how to find programming help online from pro programmers.

These are the top 5 tips from pro developers to beginner/intermediate level programmers to ace the game:

  1. Practice, practice and practice!!!

It should come as no surprise that the most common piece of advice from the experts I surveyed was to practise as much as possible. All of the best and most effective online programming courses are practice-focused, as this is the most effective way to teach people how to code.

  1. Focusing more on practical learning:

Following practise, the second most important component of learning to code is learning theory. And, while theory is important, beginners frequently make the mistake of devoting too much time and effort to reading tutorials without getting enough practice.

  1. Developer community:

Social communication is also essential in learning to code. This is why it is highly recommended that you find a developer community to join in order to ask questions, discuss programming-related topics, and support one another. These communities can be both offline and online. Offline communities are always preferable for establishing personal relationships and contact with others. For example: Codegym.

  1. Clearing doubts/ finding solutions

When it comes to software development, being able to search for and find solutions to programming problems and ways to solve coding challenges is nearly half the battle. Even if developers lack technical knowledge or skills, searching can be the meta-skill that gets them through the challenges of professional programming.

  1. Revisiting fundamentals:

Even though the practice-first approach is highly recommended when learning to code, programmers should not overlook or underestimate the importance of fundamental knowledge. Knowing fundamental CS skills and disciplines, such as algorithms, computational thinking, data structures, and others, will be beneficial and will allow advancing more quickly.  

      Apart from being a part of the game, programmers require to grow constantly.

Periodical update to the latest trends and techniques is what keeps them going smoothly.

They can seek ideas from pro level developers through an internet platform that offer a similar front for communication between developers and learners. Developer communities are one such platform. Here are a few most popular communities to help programmers get help from masters of programming, and polish their skills.



GDG brings together software developers with similar interests through meetups and hands-on workshops. Everyone and anyone interested in technology, from beginners to experienced professionals, is welcome to join the community.


Facebook Developer Circles is a programme that aims to create locally organised communities for developers. These communities educate as well as provide a forum for discussion and knowledge sharing on topics that are important to developers in a specific market.


DevCareer is a non-profit organisation that provides mentorship and resources to aspiring developers in order for them to become world-class developers. They provide laptops, co-working space, resources, mentorship, and job placements to African software developers who complete the programme.


Daily UI is a free series of UI design challenges, inspiration, and surprises that will help programmers become better designers. Their incredible daily reminders will motivate them to continue learning.

  1. DEV TO

DEV is a group of software developers who help one another.And  DEV is a space for developers to collaborate and network, as well as learn and share their knowledge.


This is a welcoming environment where developers can seek or provide assistance, as well as contribute to the community of DevOps and cloud computing enthusiasts. The community offers comprehensive guides, tutorials, developer trends, Q&A sessions, and much more.


Code Newbie is the most helpful community for programmers and those learning to code. It began as a weekly Twitter chat to provide much-needed assistance to people learning to code. Since then, it has grown into a welcoming, international community of people learning to code.


It is a global nonprofit organization that provides a global community for women in technology through events, coding resources, jobs, mentorship, and other services. Therefore They want to inspire, support, and assist women in developing technical skills and advancing in their careers.


GitHub is a collaborative communication forum site where over 65 million developers collaborate to share ideas, ask questions, and build projects. Therefore Programmers aspiring to learn can follow the discussion that interests them and share their project for discussion with other members.


Hash node is a global programming community. Learners can share their ongoing projects, stories, ask questions, make suggestions, and respond to other people’s questions. Therefore It’s a free platform that keeps them connected to the global developer community.

Programmers can anonymously publish technical blogs or real-world development problems here. Therefore These blogs are distributed to all members of the community.


Programming forms the foundations of the new world and it cannot be left alone to be stagnant. Then It requires continuous updates and upgrade, be it from the developer’s end or overall programming business. Therefore A web developer community provides a vital stage for interaction among the developers. From diverse developing strata and facilitates growth. And the penetration of new and unique technologies. It allows learners to find help online from pro programmers.


ColorJet Launches SubliXpress Plus – 9000 Sq.Meters Daily Production Industrial Sublimation Printer

Dye sublimation printing is dominant in the digital textile printing sector accounting for almost 50% of all digital textile prints across the polyester & apparel domain. The dye sublimation textile printing market which was valued at USD 8.1 billion in 2019 is facing a CAGR of 10.7% during the forecast period of 2020-2025 and is expected to reach a value of USD 14.2 billion by 2025. Considering the need for a high production sublimation printer to mitigate this high demand, ColorJet has launched SubliXpress Plus.

The SubliXpress Plus comes with 8 staggered Kyocera heads that can print variable drop sizes of 5,7, and12 pL as demanded to produce exceptionally sharp lines and create smooth gradients in color tones. The high-speed, high-quality printing with minimal ink consumption is a result of decades of experience in manufacturing digital inkjet printers. ColorJet’s proprietary AST™ and HSTR™ technology are inherent features of the machine.

The ColorJet SubliXpress Plus is ideally positioned for existing high-volume dye sublimation printers & first-time investors looking to upgrade their business with high production machine. The company also foresees a good potential for this zero water-consuming printing technology that would add a fillip to

sustainable garment manufacturing as it would work very well on fabrics made with recycled polyester

– knit and woven.

Despite the adverse impact of the pandemic, ColorJet has continued to work and develop the next ground-breaking technology for the sublimation printing market.

Trailblazing technology to suit all kinds of paper

On its 1.8 m printing width, the machine can handle a wide range of paper starting from 18 gsm and above.

The Leaf clamp is yet another ingenious improvisation to prevent the paper from curving up at the edges when printing. Being able to use low gsm paper and the ability to print on a less than ideal paper roll with ease, it addresses some major practical shop floor concerns. The vacuum bed which holds the paper in place is wider and the suction pressure can be varied.

The two-stage drying system provided immediately after the printing zone stops the paper from puckering even when printing large patches of solid color.

HSTR™ or High Sense Paper Tension Regulator detects fluctuation in paper tension and corrects it almost instantly to ensure error-free printing.

Increased machine up-time, uninterrupted production

The printer includes features for enhanced productivity including a 900 mm diameter feed roll, high precision servo motor, and large rubber roller with pneumatic shafts for a firm grip of the paper roll

core. The machine is also equipped with multiple brush rollers to continuously smoothen out the paper as it moves from feed roll to re-winding of printed paper.

Superior print quality

The new SubliXpress Plus is equipped with gold plated metal encoder to give more precise ink jetting at high speeds, effectively leading to longer service life. In addition to this, the AST™ or Active Seaming Technology is used for producing superior quality at high speed.

In short, the SubliXpress Plus is a high production, high-quality printing solution for sublimation inks on paper that are low on printing costs.

About ColorJet India Ltd:

ColorJet Group, manufacturer of Digital Textile printers from India, markets its products in 25 countries worldwide. Founded in 1995, the company maintains its operations via two manufacturing facilities and sales offices spread across seven countries, which include India, China, Bangladesh, UAE, and Sri Lanka. Till date, ColorJet has installed and implemented over 5,000 of its printing solutions and products across 450 cities around the world backed by a strong 278-member team, of which almost 100 are in technical related functions.

Will The Proposed Law Protecting Journalists Protect Them?

Law is actually a system of collective principles that are enforced by an institution (usually the government) to organize and regulate society and on which the collective attitudes of that society depend.

If the words are expanded, it would be said that the law; There is a system of official doctrine and discipline that encompasses areas such as the constitution, legislation, judicial opinion and lessons, and the discipline to govern and enforce it in society. State power can be used (or is used) for (when and as needed).

Because the law applies to society as a whole, it affects the lives of everyone living in that society. For example, a covenant law, which governs everything that is purchased, whether it is a television or a financial instrument?

Similarly, the law of property, which prescribes the duties and obligations of buying, selling and renting immovable property such as house, building and property.

Last week, two bills were introduced in Pakistan’s National and Sindh Provincial Assemblies that Pakistani journalists have been demanding for decades.

The bill deals with the protection of journalists and media officials working in Pakistan. But less than a week after the proposed law to protect journalists was introduced at the national and provincial levels, unknown individuals broke into the home of journalist and YouTube villager Asad Ali Tor in the capital of Islamabad and tortured him. He was injured.

However, Asad Ali is not the first journalist to be the victim of such attacks. In Pakistan, there have been daily incidents of journalists being beaten, tortured and even killed.

According to the Committee for the Protection of Journalists, 61 journalists were killed in Pakistan between 1992 and 2019, while according to Amnesty International; Pakistan is one of the countries where the profession of journalism is dangerous because of the violence against journalists. Are not punished and no decision can be made on such cases.

What does the proposed law protecting journalist say?

The Protection of Journalists Bill was drafted by Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr. Shirin Mazari in consultation with journalists and legal experts. Another similar bill has been introduced by the Sindh government in the Provincial Assembly on May 23, 2021.

In both the bills, journalists are exempted from disclosing their sources of information and Article 19 of the Constitution makes it the responsibility of the state to protect the lives and property of journalists.

According to the bill to be introduced in the National Assembly, the government will ensure that no current or future law on terrorism or national security is used to obstruct and silence journalists.

Under the proposed law, a commission will also be set up with the powers of a civil court. The commission will consist of one representative from each province of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, a total of four. One representative from the National and one representative from each provincial press club. One representative each from the Ministry of Information and Human Rights will be part of the commission. The commission will be chaired by a retired judge or a person with 20 years of experience in law and human rights.

If a journalist is harassed or tortured, the details of the incident will be presented to the commission within 14 days and the commission will decide on the matter within 14 days.

The Commission has the power to summon any person during the investigation of the incident and to request documents or report from any institution.

In addition, the proposed law requires media owners to be trained in personal safety within a year of hiring each journalist.

Will the proposed law protecting journalists protect them?

In April 2014, journalist Hamid Mir was assassinated in Karachi in which he was seriously injured. The then Prime Minister ordered the formation of a three-judge commission of the Supreme Court to investigate the incident.

Hamid Mir says that neither the then ISI chief Zaheerul Islam, whom Hamid Mir had accused of carrying out the attack, appeared before the commission nor did he receive a report from the commission to date. Hamid Mir says that if the bill is passed without any amendment, the country’s journalists may have some hope for their safety, but he fears that some constituencies will not pass the bill in its original form.

The commission proposed in the bill has a large number of journalists working in the field. But I fear that the majority of journalists in this commission will be reduced. If the journalists are in the majority, they will try to complete the case, so maybe some people in this commission want to turn the journalists into a minority.

Hamid Mir says that the bill presented in the National Assembly is better than the bill presented in the Sindh Assembly because the commission proposed in the bill of Sindh Assembly has also included the officials of journalist’s organization, bar council etc. Due to which there is no majority of working journalists in the commission.

However, journalist Mazhar Abbas disagrees. According to him, the law presented in the Sindh Assembly is better than the bill of the National Assembly because it gives the commission the power to take 100 notices. The inclusion of representatives of other organizations in the commission will further strengthen it.

Mazhar Abbas says that “the enactment of this law may not end the violence against journalists, but the perpetrators may be identified.”

According to both Hamid Mir and Mazhar Abbas, the introduction of these laws at the national and provincial levels is a good step and an important step in taking action against violence against journalists.

But Assad Ali, who was tortured in Islamabad yesterday, and journalist Bilal Farooqi, who was arrested last year for sharing material on social media against the military, are not overly optimistic about the law.

Assad says the fact that they were tortured just days after the bill was introduced is proof that those involved in violence against journalists have no value to the law, and that is the message that the government has. Wanted to give because of which they were targeted.

The bill makes the protection of journalists the responsibility of the government, but the biggest threat to journalists is from state institutions. So will the government provide protection to journalists against state institutions whose job it is to provide such protection?

Bilal Farooq says that the government makes these laws for the protection of the citizens and then these laws are used against the journalists.

The person who lodged the FIR against me has never appeared before the court but to date this FIR has not been dismissed. And we all know on whose orders this was done. So it doesn’t matter what the bill is, it will continue to happen.