Best Doodle T-shirt Design Trends In 2021

T-shirt designing is not a new thing. Everybody loves stylish and creative t-shirt prints. But trends are always changing and evolving. T-shirt designers use lots of out-of-the-box ideas when it comes to t-shirt designs. And one of the most loved t-shirt design types is using doodles.

The art of doodles is not just about creativity. It is a form of fun activity that can be done by anyone, even without any art skills. You just have to be wild with your imagination and doodle something unique. This is the reason why t-shirt designers love making doodle t-shirts.

Without further ado let’s see the popular t-shirt design trends in 2021.

Jungle & Wild Inspired T-shirts

The vibe of the jungle, wilderness and animals is a hot favourite among millennials. Especially, if you are someone who loves rustic patterns of art, nature and environment is the best trend to try. Animal doodles along with elements of nature and jungles can make your t-shirt look adventurous and thrilling. Doodles of old trees, insects and butterflies are designer’s love for doodle t-shirt arts. 

Cartoon & Comics

If you think cartoon characters and comics are for kids, you do not know anything yet. Doodles of popular cartoon characters are loved by many. They are funny and entertaining. The comic fans love t-shirts with superhero character doodles. So if there is a comic or cartoon lover somewhere inside you, try designer t-shirts with fabulous art of comics and cartoons. 

Abstract Doodle Concept

Doodling is a type of abstract art. You can create almost anything when you start doodling. And that does not have to make any sense. This idea of abstract art is also popular in 2021 for t-shirt designs. Abstract doodles express feelings, desires and messages that you cannot say otherwise. When words and pictures are not for you, you have the world of abstract art.  

Bright Hues & Vibrant Look

Doodle arts in t-shirts is a great way to incorporate bright colours into your life and personality. With the use of contest colours or vibrant shades, doodles can be an eyecatching concept when it comes to t-shirt designs. Some of the great colours to choose for doodle concept t-shirts are lime yellow, aqua blue, bright pink. Red, magentas and more. 

Fabulous Travel T-shirts

Another hot choice for customised t-shirts is a travel t-shirt with travel-inspired doodles. Travel t-shirts are loved by travel fans. Solo or group travellers enjoy wearing travel doodle printed t-shirts that carry a nostalgic feeling for them. Customers can even ask for some specific designs and add their own inputs while creating a travel-inspired t-shirt. 

Landscape Mode With Quotes

Landscape designs for t-shirts using doodle art are an excellent choice. In this pattern of doodle art mountains, hills, valleys along with inspiring quotes are largely preferred. You can also customise your t-shirt with symbolic or metaphorical quotes.

Everyday Artwork

Getting inspired from everyday artwork is a very impressive way to design custom t-shirts. You can find artwork everywhere around you. It can be anything from your kid’s drawings to some social media post that caught your attention. Anything that can transform your plain t-shirt can be used as doodle art. With doodles your option is endless. Just choose what suits your likings. 

Soft & Colourful Floral 

Florals are ladylike and have a distinct feminine beauty. The use of intricate soft floral designs with doodle art defines character and personality. Floral motifs can be used to envelop quotes or some symbolic pictures. Be it for a bachelor’s party or a birthday celebration, you can choose a floral-themed doodle customised t-shirt.

Birds & Feathers

Using the art of birds and feathers is a unisex choice. A single feather or two feathers are very popular for they hold different symbolic expressions. Bird wings and feather doodles can become your new favourite for t-shirt designs. This trend has the scope to use eye-catching colours and detailed features. Imagine a doodle rat of a phoenix bird on a jet black t-shirt. That will surely become a showstopper. 

Evergreen Gothic Style

The gothic design trend will never go out of fashion. Think of mysterious elements, graphical illustrations of pirate skulls, vintage art, ancient seascapes and some mythological creatures. Gothic designs are mostly loved by adventure seekers and people who love to explore. T-shirt designers have fabulous scope to implement gothic doodles and implement experimental ideas. which eoc configuration aligns with the on-scene incident organization?

Wrapping Up

While creating doodle art on custom t-shirts, make sure you know the right placement of the graphics. Not every design trend will look perfect in the middle. The doodles should not feel or look like copies of some images. You can add your own input and see how imagination can turn a simple t-shirt into a wow factor. 

Pick any solid coloured t-shirt and custom design it from the best t-shirt designers. Just don’t forget to mention how you would like the design to be.