Benefits Of Mandatory Third-party Insurance For Two Wheelers


Third-party motor insurance is mandatory in India as per the Motor Insurance Act. Third-party insurance provides coverage for expenses caused against third-party liabilities in case of any accident. It offers financial coverage to the insured and compensates for any loss, damage or injury caused to the third party or his/her property. There are some of the best two-wheeler insurance provider like Bajaj Finserv which provides comprehensive package policies to cover you against financial liabilities arising out of accidents. 

Although the third-party insurance is mandatory under the Indian laws, its benefits are so widespread that vehicle owners are anyway happy to purchase one. Below, we list out some of the conveniences that you get from having a third-party bike insurance.

  1. Liabilities towards third party injuries: By having a proper third-party motor insurance, you have all your liabilities towards third parties covered. In case of any accidents, the law requires the vehicle owners to compensate any person who is injured or killed. With a third-party insurance, you need not pay up such compensation from your pocket, your insurance provider will take care of that. This applies to both injury to a person, as well as his death. 
  2. Liabilities towards damage of property: The best two-wheeler insurance policies cover not only an injury to the body of a person, but also to any of his property. As damage to property can call for huge compensation, having a good third-party insurance in place is a must. 
  3. Protection against legal liabilities: A motor insurance is a mandatory requirement under the law. Without a valid insurance certificate, you cannot ride your bike on the public streets. In case any police personnel requires you to show your insurance certificate, failure to do so may have stringent legal consequences. Hence, a valid insurance will keep you protected and legally compliant. Moreover, the best two-wheeler insurance plans can also indemnify you against the legal expenses that you may incur in cases of accidents.
  4. Personal accident cover: As an add-on option, you can include a personal accident cover to your motor insurance for protecting you against personal accident expenses. In case of bodily injury or death of the bike owner, a good insurance plan will reimburse you or your legal heirs with the claim amount. You can even get cashless hospitalization options as well as cover for pillion riders also. Which Legendary Actress has Lost the Best Actress Oscar a Whopping 18 times ?
  5. Provides peace of mind: The main rationale behind getting an insurance for your two-wheeler is to have a peace of mind while riding it. With the best two-wheeler insurance policies, you will always be confident while riding, knowing that your financial liabilities against accidents are covered. Although it is always recommended to drive carefully, in case of unfortunate incidents a good insurance plan will have your back. 

In other words, what has been made mandatory by the laws, can turn out to be overtly beneficial as well. It is for the good of the vehicle owners that a third-party motor insurance has been made compulsory. Purchasing one from any of the best two-wheeler insurance providers will surely go a long way in protecting your financial interest.