appeal seller suspension

Amazon is a world famous website. Specializing in e-commerce, it can be used by a wide variety of companies and entrepreneurs to sell authentic, affordable products. If you want to become a seller on Amazon, you can open an account that will allow you to upload the products you want to sell. This platform has thousands of customers and you can make a living from your earnings if you get the most out of your account. However, it is entirely possible to expect your account to be blocked. This concern can arise for a number of reasons. In fact, site administrators want quality service for their customers. For this reason, everyone who has an account on the platform is obliged to strictly adhere to the rules and the sales guidelines specified there. If your account is suspended, you still have the option to reclaim it by using Amazon’s suspension services.

The reasons for blocking an Amazon account

The Amazon platform has a solid reputation for e-commerce. It is therefore obliged to maintain the quality of the services and products offered there. It is possible to request it, but before doing so you need to consider all the reasons that could cause Amazon to block yours. Your Amazon account can be blocked if you break a certain rule. Please note that the Amazon platform will evolve over time. As a result, the executives working there regularly set new, not always clear rules. Hence, you need to know them in order not to get blocked on the website. Since Amazon is an e-commerce site that generally sells real products, it is completely forbidden to advertise counterfeit products. Accounts selling this type of item can be quickly blocked.

Tips for Recovering a Locked Account

It is possible to restore a blocked Amazon account. To do this, you have to make a very detailed request to those responsible for the platform. Above all, don’t be satisfied with a simple letter of a few lines. Create a very complete document that can best explain the situation you are in. It is also important to mention on this application that you made mistakes. Even if it isn’t really the case. In fact, Amazon is a very sophisticated site that you can blame for a rookie mistake. So hold back and assume that. It is important to understand that the appeal process can be very complex. In addition, all requests are handled differently depending on the situation and context. It is also advisable not to send Amazon account recovery emails every day. In fact, sending more than 3-4 messages will no longer make your case one of the platform’s priorities  Appeal Ninja.