10 Common Mistakes We Should Avoid While Writing an Essay

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Where do you think the people make the most mistakes? In life? Well obviously! Try being more specific! In relationships? Nope, many people manage them quite nicely. But don’t worry, you’re not the only loser in those. Want to guess again? Or tired of guessing already? No worries, let this blog impart the great knowledge to you.

The most common mistakes people make are during the process of writing an essay. Just kidding, but they are one of the most commonly made mistakes when you are in your academic career. I’m sure you all students can highly relate.

Mistakes while writing an essay

Apart from essays being a constant strain through academic life, EVERY teacher feels the need of burdening students with a pile of assignments. What to do in those drastic times? When the only light shining at the end of the tunnel is emitting from essay writing services beckoning you to Buy Essay Online

That is a great way of handling those stressful assignments but you should learn by now what mistakes you are making in your assignments that are putting your efforts into dust.

The Dreaded Mistakes

After witnessing the proof of mistakes in your assignment, it feels like they will never end and you will never be able to get rid of this plague. But worry no more! This blog will highlight the solutions to avoid those mistakes.

1.  Lack of Statement

Statement is one of the important parts of an essay. Just think, would you be interested in reading a book without knowing its title or genre? I’m sure the answer is no, no one would. A statement well placed in the introduction part and throughout the essay makes your essay stand out as a professional’s would.

Place that statement appropriately!

2.  Format Trouble

Keep forgetting the correct way of formatting your essay? Don’t feel too bad, there are way too many formatting styles. Next time when you are writing an essay, keep the formatting template open to help buyessay.org.uk you along the way.

No format trouble with that trick in hand!

3.  Plagiarism Crisis

Always getting caught by the plagiarism police? STOP copy-pasting to stay away from the grasp of plagiarism detectors.

Your own wordings will hide you from those detectors!

4.  Unconnected Paragraphs

Make sure you create a connection when you switch to another paragraph. Unconnected paragraphs create confusion.

No need to confuse your teachers when they are the ones giving the grades!

5.  Informal Wording

Constantly remember that you are writing an essay for an academic program and it does not need to be filled with informal language.

You’re writing an academic essay not talking to your best friend!

6.  Active Voice

It is quite easy to forget to use active voice tenses to structure your sentences. That is the mistake you should work on correcting ASAP.

No more passive voice!

7.  Dubious Sources

Using just any information from whatever source you are finding is the reason your essays are getting low grades. Make sure to find an authentic and reliable source to cite in your essay.

No more hollow sources!

8.  Grammar Mistakes

Grammar mistakes also aid in tanking your essay. No teacher will accept an essay riddled with grammatical mistakes. You can avoid grammar mistakes by reviewing your essay in software such as Grammarly.

Say goodbye to grammar mistakes!

9.  Repetition of introduction

After giving your hundred percent in writing the introduction and main body of an essay, perhaps you have run out of creative juices to spare toward the conclusion. Take your time and think about it but never repeat the introduction in the conclusion.

Remember they are not similar things and should not be overly repetitive.

10.  No referencing

It is quite familiar to everyone to just finish with your work, submit and then take a big relaxing breath. But in the haste of finishing the essay, don’t forget to put all the in-text citations in the reference list.

Your teacher is going to deduct your marks if all the citations are not accounted for. The best way to avoid this mistake is to keep updating the reference list whenever you cite a piece of new information in your essay body.